Are you good at understanding horoscope readings?

  • I just read my horoscope for tomorrow, I didnt understand it exactly though

    Although you may be feeling quite upbeat about your present circumstances, it's possible that you are fooling yourself. Naturally, it's useful to see both sides of an issue, yet your current tendency is to gloss over anything that may prove to be difficult. Unfortunately, denial will only act as a magnet, pulling in the very thing you are trying to avoid. Keep in mind that you don't need to embrace the shadows, but talking about your fears is the best way to dissipate them.

    Does that mean I'm going to have a bad day tomorrow or something?

  • you search through the internet to understand the significance of planet and house compatibilities. in that case you may understand how planets are influencing. and, don't the horoscope readings explain the significances? i thought they do.

  • This post is deleted!

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