Anyone Available to Interpret a Spread?

  • Hello - I just did a spread for myself and would appreciate an outsider's view. This was NOT a spread on love or romance. Just a general read on what was coming up for me now that I have released an attachment I had to romance...

    Where I am Now: The Sun

    Supports or Blocks: 7 of Pentacles

    What to Strive For: Page of Cups

    Immediate Past: 4 of Wands

    Lower Self or Cop-Out: Justice

    Immediate Future: Ace of Swords

    Hopes/Fears: Ace of Wands

    People Around Me: Page of Pentacles

    My Mental State: The Devil

    Outcome: 2 of Swords followed by Queen of Swords

    Any assistance would be appreciated!

  • Oh my - I just lost all of what I wrote for you.

    So let me try this again… a lil abbreviated.

    So you are currently seeing things well in life, maybe even with stark contrast to things. You are opposed by the fruits of your labor not paying off as well as you would have like them to, but you are taking with you get and not unhappy with it. Below you is Justice and cause-and-effect. Above you is a messenger of love and says to be loving and emotional. Behind you is a happiness, but also can mean freedom and I think it is the end of your last romance you mentioned. Ahead is the Ace of Swords - and says to be ready for a challenge, and face it with courage and honestly.

    The Ace of wands is a card that says you are a creative force, and hard to keep in one spot. The Page of Pentacles says that the people around you are like you - they help you move towards your goals and help support you. The Devil says not get to attached to the material comforts, whether it is wealth, things or laziness. It can also mean not to self-doubt or give into habits. The final two cards, are confusing - they oppose each other. The 2 of Swords to me is a self imposed blindness and deafness attaching anything that approaches - Don't cut yourself ff from ideas or people. The Queen is the opposite - she is witty, capable and experienced. I think these two together are telling me you will go through a time of seclusion giving you the insight to be better, more honest and more direct in you dealings.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Ah… I'm glad this made some sense! I find it hard to take breaks from reading and then starting back up again (I actually downloaded indiv cards and laid them out in a design package I work in just so I could see them!).

    New beginnings are usually do not look like fun at first, so keep your eyes keen, and wits sharp! 😉

    Clinic is good - I have about a month until I am unleashed on the public clinic.


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