Any adive fellow pisces

  • I;m a pisces and i fell in love with a capricorn, things are going great in this relationship. but latly i feel like im losing my creativity and my pull to helping people. i used to help everyone one and give great advice but now im finding it hard to find some good adive to give to my friends and coworkers. how do i get over this mental road block so i can help my friends and give advice again? I also used to be able to read people and things pretty good and now im starting to slip whats with that?

  • Hi marcare45. How old are you? 45? Capricorn is so earth bound that any type of spirituality/fantasy kinda floats beyond them. You might be getting some of the pull from his sign, especially if he is a strong goat. I also went through a period when a lot of my creativity and pisces traits went into hiding. I was going through a rough patch in my marriage, which ended in divorce. After being along for a while (kids grown up) - all the wonderful pisces traits came back, even stronger. Probably because I have the time to concentrate on them and feel them and pay attention to them. I'm happier than I ever been in my life. I'm 54. Love, Sparklesister

  • Ya know, I just have to say that sometimes there is just a lull in our ability to size people up and give advise. I am a Gemini, and very vocal, and have a very strong intuition. My whole life has been about helping others with the material world, (ie: owning businesses and giving people employment, taking in friends in need and providing them with food and shelter, saving the niece that made a very poor choice of a man). This went on for years, and then suddenly one day I woke up and most of those abilities were gone. It really saddened me to the point where I felt lost and scared. This phase lasted approximately seven years and just recently (in the last year) I have begun to find the old me again. It feels good, I trust in my faith, and believe that sometimes we need to lose certain abilities for a short time to help us groom a different part of our personalities. Fret not, I know it will all come back for you. For now though, accept this change in your ability and look for what you can learn from the phase you are in now. I don't really think this change in your life has anything to do with your mate.

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