I have a dream question, actualyl several

  • Ok, i am taurus7, I am new, but I am finally opening up to a part of my life that has always left me speechless, stunned and sometimes, full of regret.

    i have had some very life altering experiences, and well, I was wondering if I could get some insight.

    1st of all, I am a very vivid dreamer. However, there are times when it seems as though my dreams are beyond dreams. There are times that I am watching my dreams along side someone, then there are times when I am in the dream myself.

    I have had many dejavu dream experiences. Almost all of my experiences have dealt with family.

    here is the 1st i would like to share. I had fallen asleep on the couch. While dreaming, i start seeing cars with headlights on. Black cars. I was puzzled, but then I quickly recognized it as a funeral procession. As soon as I realized what it was, it was like the whole house was shook by an earthquake and I woke up.

    At the time, my father in law had been diagnoised with cancer, had had surgery and I just thought it was his funeral. So, I started praying, but not for insight, that was my 1st mistake.

    2 days later my ex husbands cousin, one of her baby boy twins passed away by choking on a blanket in his crib. My spirit crumpled. I felt as though I had let that precious little boy down. I will never forget that.

    I shared that with his mother, with my sincerest regrets and apologies. I didn't know what else to do.

    Then, i am going to behonest, because i was heavily involved in church at the time, I was taught and convinced that it was wrong. but I know it is not now.

    If it is ok and I am allowed, I would love to share other situations to gain understanding and insight to a special part of me that has always existed.

    Thank you all !

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  • I know have several books to buy. Dmick59 do you have dreams when they are so real that you wake up wondering what the heck was that ?

  • Share away! I can only imagine how you felt after that event and the loss of the baby but in as much as you saw the inevitable you didn't get enough detail to have known it was intended for the child. I know exactly what you mean about these types of experiences and / or dreams for lack of better terms. I too am experiencing very vivid dreams, confusing dreams and I'm finding it frustrating because it doesn't make sense to me. What I am learning is to take a step back and not make it so personal and sometimes it begins to add up so to speak.

    I know what you mean about the confusion the church can cause in accepting these elements of our lives. I was born and raised catholic and yet have always known our family was very intuitive. To see a psychic from time to time was perfectly acceptable for guidance. To analyze dreams etc was just common place but I learned the hard way that sharing seeing things, hearing things and knowing things was not something standard to all. I had to get a few of those are you nuts kind of looks before it all sunk in. That is what I love about this place you are open to share your experiences no matter what you encounter.

    Know you are not alone. There are many wonderful people here who will share their experiences with you and be more than willing to have you share yours with them. So share away whenever you are ready.

  • Well, here is a biggie, but it was not a dream. I was raised by my great aunt and uncle. To make a very long story short. My uncle had passed, my mom moved back home and my aunt moved us to Arizona.

    One day, I was out playing and I asked a friend what time it was...she was like..oh about 5:00...I said I had to go. She said no you don't. You never have to go. And she was right. I didn't. But I had to go home. That I knew. I get home, my aunt was on the phone, then she started acting weird. She got off the phone, was slurring her words. She sat and laid back in the recliner, but something was wrong. I called her doctors office. She had hit her head really bad like a week prior, I told them that and they called the firestation.

    I was 9 years old, it was the year 1978. The ambulance, which seemed like it took an eternity, came and took her away. I think they thought I was a neighboor kid. I went in, called my uncle in Ohio. WHo asked if I had a friends house to go stay at and what was the number. I did and gave it to them. My aunt from Ohio flew out. My great aunt had hd a massive stroke.

    I went to see her on a thursday, this had happened on a monday. She died within an hour after I left the hospital. They were not going to let me go back, as ICU wa snot a place for kids, especially back then. But they did. All I remember was crying. All the tubes scared me. They way she looked scared me. But even though I was 9. I knew what it would have been like to walk in on her sleeping or dead, adn I was thankful I was called home by something far greater than myself.

    i actually knew htat at 9. But yet i did not know. Does that make sense ?

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  • Sorry that last post was bad with typos, I was and still am crying, but now I am proof reading before I hit submit.

  • dmick59, i will go check that out. I know there are spiritual beings all around us. I can feel their presence and I know they exist.

  • What section is it in ?

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  • Thank goodness you understood the message to go home and go now. It is remarkable isn't it?

    I can so relate to that. I was nine also when the phone rang early on New Years morning, as I heard the phone ringing I woke up and said in the quiet of the house "Pop Pop's died." I heard my mother answer the telephone and the tremble in her voice told me I was right. Later that morning she said "how did you know?" My answer a simple "I just knew", at nine it didn't even make sense to me and now decades later it's still hard to explain situations like that.

  • Rc....I read you r brief writing, you have such a gift !! You need to expand on it. You really do. Thank you for how you have reached out to me. It means the world to me. Just wanted you to know that.

  • Dear Taurus 7:

    First of all, never be ashamed of the gifts from God bestowed upon you. Others may not believe and you need to be more aware of this fact.

    There is no possible way you could have helped your ex-husband's cousin by telling her of your dream. Babies die of natural causes and unnatural causes. Babies do not ordinarily try to swallow a corner of a blanket. No matter what you might have heard, it is not possible for a baby to "choke" on a blanket unless the blanket was tattered and the fabric rotted; so that it is easily torn. Mothers do not "ordinarily" give their babies tattered blankets, either.

    My senses tell me that there is something deeper to this matter than what appearances may show. The fact that the "earthquake" in your dream rocked your world shows that something shocking is about to be revealed.

    When you dream true, keep a written journal of your dreams and make comments about what happens later on. This is one way to help develop your abilities further in order to help others.

    Warnings of deaths should not be given out. Rather caution people to be extra mindful of their surroundings.

    I hope this helps.

  • Taurus7....here's the thread for Dream Decoding...


    You have found a great place to talk dreams. I have had several that have stumped me so to speak and there are so many wonderful people here to help you interpret them.

    I need to let you know that I don't think that there is anything you could have done about the first dream you talked about. I don't think that you were given enough information to have been able to do anything about it. Also, I have to agree with Firefly...it is best to caution and not forewarn people about death. Forgive yourself and don't let it stay with you. You did the best you could with the information you had and that is all that matters.

  • Taurus7 you are most welcome. I always preface my responses on this forum with "I'm no psychic but", several people have called me on that. I suppose what I should be saying is I'm not a professional psychic but here is the impression I get. I am glad to help with advice or sharing experiences in any way I can. Again it's a Taurus thing I guess, sometimes I think I want acceptance to a fault so I go far beyond the norm to help others. But it's how I was raised and thus it just comes out in me too. As far as the dreams go just keep a journal as has been suggested here. I agree it's a good idea to go back over it later and make notes on what you think it means or analyze it to me from some dream dictionary source. But mostly trust your gut. My dreams lately have been very complicated, very involved, lots of people in places where they don't go together etc. I've heard it's in the stars right now somehow so if things seem to make no sense, so what, write it down, you never know what may unfold with time.

    One suggestion though if you are like me and write your dreams in the middle of the night or upon waking in the morning fog of existence you may want to re-write them. I find what makes sense at first glance, a week later I can't even read, my handwriting lacks the greatest definition when I am tired. And remember sometimes a dream is just a dream, our subconscious working out the activity of the day and putting it to rest.

    By the way, you are welcome, I grinned, the "Just wanted you to know that." is so like me. Sometimes others think I'm childish for my appreciation of them and what they share, don't worry I would never think that way, I think it proves one loving considerate heart is reaching out to another. May you be greatly blessed, have a wonderful day.

  • Aunt Buck, thank you vey much for the wise wordsand the link. I guess deep down I realize that. Yet, to see those we love in pain and when you have had a forewarning and possibly messed it up, that for me is a difficult burden to carry. I have forgiven myself and I will do better in the future. I nkow I am not in chrage of this life's happenings. And even if I did the best thing, it could still all turn out wrong due to the simple word of choice and free will.

    But I do appreciate the support.

  • Rc, I just want you to know that I feel like I have known you forever !! I really do. IFor whatever reason we have such a strong connection, i am thankfull that we have met. You make my heart smile !

  • Thanks Taurus7, kindred spirits that's all and what's wrong with that? Not a thing right, not a thing.

  • i too have had dreams like that and some times i get hurt in in the dream and i wake up to them in same places in the morning not only that but i have traveled to places and times in the past. just call it a hunch but you may want to look up astro travel some of the things you said sounds like it. it might help

  • I remember the first time you posted this experience and since I REFUSE to read replies until after I have written down my impressions, I wanted you to know that spirits of loved ones do have the ability to reach out and give us messages in our dreams, in daily "coincidences" or odd phenomena. I am so very sorry that your loved one has passed on but you should not grieve. You should celebrate the life they did live.

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