• Hi all,

    I have been dating this great Cancer guy for the last 5 months. We have actually known each other for some time now but whenever we wanted to hook up and date....the timing was wrong. He was married for about 6 years and has been separated now for the past 2 years and a half. They do not speak to one another. It's really ugly. She has ruined his credit...etc.

    On the otherhand I had just stopped dating a Scorpio for the past 4yrs. who I still love but knew that it was never going to work so I got out of it. I was open and honest with my Cancer guy about my feelings for this man and where I was in my life at the present moment. I told him that I wanted to take things day at a time. He said he was OKAY with that and decided to date me anyway. Things were going quite well. I felt like he was too good to be true. He was like this perfect guy riding in on a white horse to save me....romantic, good listener, patient, gentle. BUT wayyyy too clingy and a bit jealous. Wayyyy dramatic about silly things and likes to argue. When I told him that he was coming on too strong too fast and that I needed some space, he totally flipped. I needed the time to see where I was with my feelings for him and for my ex.

    After some time to think and re-evaluate, I decided that I wanted to move forward with my Cancer guy and so I have been trying as hard as I can to spend time with him and show him that I really want this...and believe me folks...for an Aries woman the showing of emotion is not our strong suit. BUT he's been pushing me away, kind of ignoring me...not as available. I totally respect that but I feel like enough is enough and I don't want to play games anymore. I really don't know how to approach this anymore. I have told him how I feel about him and told him that I wanted to move forward with him but I feel like he's trying to make me suffer a bit...maybe sweat it out a bit. That doesn't work for me. Is this typical behavor for Cancers??????

    Desperately seeking advice,


  • I'm a Cancer male currently dating an Aries male, we've been together for almost 5 months now

    Yes that is typical behavior for a Cancer, you hurt him by pushing him away (saying you needed space) so now he's going to give you all the space you can have until you go crazy and then when he's felt you've suffered enough, he'll starting acting normal again like nothing happened

    How long has he been distant?

    If you want him, treat him as if he were a scared cat lol What i mean is, when I cat gets scared they run away and hide in a place that you cant' reach. THen what do you do? You talk calmly, gently, maybe offer it a treat to come back out...then slowly the cat will calm down and come back out and act like nothing happened

    This is what we crabs do lol

    You must practice patience with a crab, that's the only way you'll get anywhere with us...although you did date a Scorpio, we're not too different, you should be a pro by now haha

    I usually frequent the ASCLAC part 3 thread, so if I miss your response or if you have any questions and I dont get to it, just pop over and leave a message and I'll see it

  • kelcrab,

    Thanks so much for shedding some light on this. I saw him last night and he definitely was pretending like nothing ever happened but he was cognizant of that fact that he had been distant for quite some time. He even told me that he thought I hated him. I told him that this was not the case and that I was just getting to a point of just giving up. He also said that he admired and thought it was big of me to be soooo patient with him, which I thought was nice. We've been dating since April and is has been rocky but I think that we have gotten alot of the kinks out of the equation and this may just now work after all. Let's see. Thanks again and all the best of luck with your Aries. I know sometimes we are alot to handle...LOL

  • Aries22 - What is your rising sign?

    I don't agree that all Aries have trouble talking about their emotional state, but since my rising sign is Cancer I have the combo of deep emotions with forward actions so saying how I feel comes naturally (it flows out like hot water!!!). 🙂

    Knowing someone's sun sign is great, but knowing their rising sign can give you the other half of the puzzle!!!

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