Anyone available for a reading? I'm heartbroken...

  • Hi it's my first time in the forum. Could I please have a reading about what might be coming up for me in the near future. I'm heartbroken and the man I love is no to good communicating his true feelings and I'm a little lost. We were very close in a romantic way but lately he is treating me like his "best friend", we are not lovers any more. Wehn I ask he said that he cares about me a lot but I feel that I've lost him. I love him deeply and I miss my lover, althoug he still my best friend. My birthdate is 04/06/1963 and his is 07/06/1963. Your advice is pretty much appreciated. In love and light 🙂

  • my first impression was there is another in his life. is he married? I don't know if he is or not, but those are my feelings that he was splitting his time between you and another. busy fella! lol

    best to let him go since he is the one pulling away.. sorry sweets

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