I really need some insite

  • I met a man a little over a year ago and fell in love with him. He is also a taurus. BUT we started out just friends and i became jealous of the women he kept messing with because even though we had no title we acted like boyfriend girlfriend and was w each other everyday... he would show me that he loved me the same as i did him. SO..eventually i ventured out and did my own thing because he would say we werent together. Yet he was extremely jealous. Some drama has happend since then that i wish never had happened..and even though he tells people he wants nothing to do with me ...every now and then he still calls and wants to see me. This last visit it made me miss him even more. But hes ruining his life. I dont know how i feel....and i cant let go. I dont want any other man but him. what should i do?

  • Two bulls with big tempers in the same ring? I see blood! Stop answering his calls. I hope you didn't really mean your last line--"I don't want any other man". Most readers here are not going to bother answering your questions as you are too stubborn in your need for this man. The attraction here has nothing to do with love. It is a compulsion you don't understand. Can you just trust the attraction though strong is not good? Attractions are not always about love. What does he bring out in you that screams for healing? Why would you choose pain? You say you wish past drama did not exhist but to insist on not letting go of him is going to invite more drama. Protect yourself more--choose love. Move on. He's not going to make you happy. You do have a choice--you are not a victim. He's not the only option. Be kind to yoursef. Blessings

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