I can't figure my mate out!

  • I have been living with my boyfriend for 18 years, we have two teenaged boys.

    My question is how can we stop fighting over money?

    He is a Capricorn I am a Scorpio.

    One son is a Capricorn and the other is a Scorpio.

    There is always a big argument over how to budget and spend money.

    We are deeply in credit card debt.

    I am on disability from a car wreck and don't know when I will be well enough to work.

    My boyfriend works a job he hates to support the family and he is bitter and angry.

    The stress from our debts is ruining our relationship. We are always broke.

    The arguing is so depressing and hurtful for the whole family.

    What can I do?

  • this is a good combination, i guess. if things have been going on like this since 18 years over, it's hardly going to change. you better gather more strength to go on with the fight. but don't such fights add to the pleasures of your life?

  • I am an Aquarius disabled female living with a Leo man so don't know if that will help you at all. We've been together for almost 10 years and while I know he'd like to tell me how to spend my income, he doesn't. I pay all the bills because he can no longer work so that's part of the reason he probably stews in silence. I know he is depressed and too Leo proud to seek help. It's my nature to want to help but believe me, I am getting bitter. He's too talented to waste it. But that is my problem, not yours.

    I can say that I was married to a Taurus male for almost 20 years and while he commented about what I bought for our daughter at times, I was always able to work and help with bills. We worked together and never fought. When you don't at least argue once in a while or maybe express your opinions, like I wish that quiet Taurus man would have, it fosters stagnation and resentment. My Dad was a Scorpio and Mama was a Taurus. He worked and supported the family in grand style when he could. I know he always worked and paid his bills on time. Never knew if he hated or loved his work either. He just did it. Of course that was the depression mentality. I do remember some horrible fights between my parents when I was younger. The resentment only grew when they got older. They did last 58 years and never divorced. I can't honestly say they were happy all the time. Nobody is happy all the time. Maybe you and your Scorpio mate need to talk instead of argue. Not sure if you can but it's worth a try. Even if you have to get outside counseling. It helped me more times than I care to think.

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