New member desp needing guidence/reading please.

  • Hi, My birthdate is 6/1/1980. I have three children by two different fathers. 11, 9 and 5 months. Recently i have come to believe a certain someone is trying purposfully through black magic hexing myself and those around me. This started during my pregnancy with my baby. I would like to know how i can protect, my family/friend, myself and my work/home against this woman who i believe is being acompanied by her daughter in these attacks (Her partner is my babies father). I also would like to know if my business is going to take off and in general what ever else in the reading the guides may want me to be aware of. Thank you most greatfully.

  • Ok...this is by far the best method I have ever used: It involves surounding you and your family in a "bubble" with a mirrored surface. This will reflect the negativity and prevent it from harming you.

    Find A quiet relaxing spot. As you breathe slowly in and out start noticing the pure white light shining down on you. Feel it's warmth.

    As you get more relaxed start focusing on the inside of your body. See a bright ball glowing a blueish white within your chest... Now grow that ball bigger and bigger until it surrounds you... like you are in a bubble... now visualise your kids and surround them in similar bubbles filled with burning white light. now cover the 4 bubbles with tiny mirrors... like a disco ball until they are smooth and shiny...thank the universe for the protection and wake up have a snack to recharge.

    Now for the House/ business. You need to do the same except give the home it's own power to protect itself so... prepare by meditation in the centre of the house and visualise a beam of light shing like a pole through the middle of the house (through the roof and through the floor) At the top and bottom of the pole of light see it flowing around into a ball that surrounds the house. Verbally give the house permission to protect itself... you will only feel drained if you try to use your energy to create the ball....

    these two methods are the easiest and by far the most powerful...

    tell me how you go or if you have any questions...

  • Thank you very much for the advice on protecting my work/home and family. I will set aside some time today to apply your instructions and will certainly let you know how I get on.... Was just wondering if there was anything else you can see in my case just generally that i should be aware or in my life and if there will be the outcome i so secretly desire?? Thank you so much for your help. 🙂

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