Any Libras love a Taurus??

  • I was randomly cruising this site and came upon this forum. Normally I would never post anything anywhere, but Im figuring what have I got to lose? I have recently become single again after a long marraige and a couple of lengthy relationships. They have all been with Pisces men. They obviously haven't worked. From all of these horoscope sites I ve gathered that I would be a half of a whole if I were involved with a Taurus. If anyone has a second and any imput on this scenario it would be much appreciated

  • Are you a libra? I am a libra and I have had completely bad luck with pisces men as well but I have had some interesting chemistry to Taurus males over time although for me each time circumstances have stood in the way of any thing real happening. I would say that libra and Taurus are both stubborn so make sure you have enough in common but other then that there are some real possibilities if the right circumstances present themselves.

  • Oh my here I go again. Can you tell I am not a young thing? The man I am still married to but separated from since 04' is a taurus. They are kind and wonderful. They love to rescue women. That they do very well. I was with him from 92' and when I saw him across the room I said he had a smile that lit up the room. Not to mention his leathers he had on. OH wait I need to wipe the sweat off my brow. LOL Well I told him that night I was never going to get married again because I was already a 3 time looser. Well that bothered him but he didn't say too much. I felt like I had known him before but it was, from other lives. We moved to Mo. from Calif. to take care of his grandmother while his parents got ready to move there after his dad retired. We had a hard time making it there not a lot of good paying jobs so he went back out on the road driving over the road. He had done it before I met him for many many years. After a time I asked him to come back off the road that his child support was over and so I wanted to get our lives back together again. He made excuses and I swollowed everything he said hook line and sinker. I had never caught him in a lie so I didn't suspect on a conscious level. There were things and I asked about them but he had a good answer so I took his word for it. Well one day as I was walking out our long driveway to the road to get mail I heard a voice say you have never known a Taurus who was faithful. And I literally turned around and said where in the hell did that come from. I was alone on 17 acres. No one behind me. OK. Well now he also had gifts that he could do that I didn't. But when he called that night I told him what happened to me and he said well your just paranoid. I said oh no I am not, I trust you more than anyone else I know. Well long story short not long after that I felt like he wanted out of the marriage and I asked him if everything was alright between us and he said no. I don't love you anymore and I am tired of pretending. Wow what a blow that was. He said you need to call your son and have him come pack you up and take you back to Calif. I said is there someone else and he said no. Well I said I have to hang up now. And I broke down, got mad and called him back and again I said is there someone else and he again said no. I said your a lier a man doesn't leave unless he has someone else to go to. When I got to Ca. I told a friend in Mo. I think he had a girlfriend in San Antonio and she said how do you know? I don't know I just know. His aunt in Calif. confirmed that he did have one in San Antonio who went out on his truck only one time and that was it. He had been unfaithful according to his aunt in his first marriage also. But he was a rescuer of several before I met him. He once accused me of being stubborn and I said well I maybe now and if thats so I learned it from you. I have known many male taurus who cheated on their wives. I don't want to say that they are all that way but all of the ones I have known were. They are great guys, materialistic and love their toys. Are always trying to invent something to make millions of dollars. But good hearted. I wish you luck. Oh I married him in 97' because I thought I could trust him after living with him that long and having a business together. Duh Little did I know.

  • So, that was a long story and I'm wondering what you have left out regarding your play in this relationship? Did you isolate him from his family and friends and attempt to monopolize his life? Just thinking that since I LOVE a Taurean and he is definitely NOT a cheater. Has had 3 other women in his life and didn't have even a slight hankering to quest for another woman while in relationship with one. His last love was a Libran and she always thought he was looking for someone else. Anyhow, this is my first time on this forum .. couldn't help responding to your comments. Actually, I am told that Librans and Taureans are NOT a good match. Too much Venus involved.

  • Just wanted to add that I am using someone else's email. I AM female in case there was some confusion.

  • Yes I guess it was a long story but didn't you read that he was a truck driver? If I monopolized him do you think I would have trusted him out on the road? No that was just it because I did trust and didn't monolopize him that I could let him go out on the road for weeks at a time. Frankly when I met him I didn't look into who was a good match for who. And there is more to a person than just the sun sign. More factors but if I approched everyone I meet that way I would limit many good friends.

  • Wow! What a story! Well, its crazy how true it's ringing. The Taurus I decided to try and date this weekend says he cheated and that is what ended his marraige! Im so tired of searching for the "one". Is it really bettter to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? I don't think so. If you know how good it feels, you are on an endless search to feel it again. Well my search continues....not with this Taurus. Thanks for the input

  • But i am a Taurean female and my beau is a Libran we are in love with another and we have that connection through music aswell, he is a musician and i am a major music we do have our similarities 🙂

  • Hi im a female Taurean dating a Libra male, ive been told we are not a good match but i have nothing to loose. Hes very caring and makes me feel special all the time, but due to work commitments and my children we dont spen a lot of quality time together at the moment, weve known each other for over three months and have seen each other every day even if its just to have a quick cuppa and a chat, its still nice to see him and we hate leaving each other, we are constantly texting and its nice to have the feeling that there is someone there who cares as much as you do, even if he is quite soppy at times. So i will go with the flow and see where this relationship goes, it may be we stay like this for ever, in which case i think i need to guide him as libra men are undesiceive. But at the moment we are both happy with this arrangement which is what is important, i have my life and he has his but we come together for each other, and im not talking about S E X here, just being there.

  • I am a libra and have been in two relationships with a Taurus, in fact, they have the exact same birthday, but 12 years apart.

    What I like about them is that I feel very grounded. The first one was a cheater, in the worst way possible. He was also passive, and after a time, very boring. He did not like to try new things, always wore the same exact things, was very lazy--- just sat around and watched tv. In fact, even the shows he watched were boring! Old westerns and such. And he got drunk all the time.

    The second one was also grounding, but not a cheater. I don't think he is capable of it. Even if he didn't like the person anymore; he wouldn't do it, he would leave first.

    He had been in three long term relationships and never cheated on any of them. And he was not boring at all, he was in fact,

    the most fun person I had ever met, and very productive. Not lazy at all, and always wanted to try new things. And he does not like to drink, not really. He will have a little if its around type of drinking.

    So I don't think you can go by what other Taurus's have been like with other Libras. The two I was with were totally different. The sensuality was similar, ... but that was it, as far as being alike.

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