I'm Very Concerned

  • My adorable grandson spends one night a week with me, we sleep in the same bed, he's 4 years old. Last night shortly before 5:00 AM, I had a most distrubing dream, I was cleaning my deceased brothers bedroom, it was full of dust and cob webs, my brother died at the age of 48 4 years ago. While cleaning the room I get a phone call from my dead brother, I realize this in my dreams that he is dead too, he tells me he has something very, very important to tell me and to listen carefully, he tells me my grandson Aiden is going to die in 4 months, I ask him how he is going to die and he tells me liver cancer. He said to take him to a Dr. right away. I tell him that my grandsons Mother, my youngest daughter is carrying a baby. I tell my brother I love him and we hang up. I'm very distraught in my dreams which wakes me up. I lay in bed a couple minutes thinking about everything. My youngest is not carrying a child at this time, it's actually my eldest daughter, who also has a son and daughter and she is currently pregnant with her 3 child, her sons name is Evan, he is 8 years old. I start wondering if maybe I heard the name wrong, Aiden, or Evan, but I'm almost positive he said Aiden my youngest grandson.

    As I was lying in bed, I thought to myself, if this dream is really a warning, please let the phone ring. It was 5:00 AM when I looked at the clock, I thought if it's Aiden, let it ring at 5:04 since he's 4 years old, if it's Evan let it ring or give me some indication that this is true at 5:08 AM. I laid there watching the clock, at 5:08 AM my grandson lying next to me started laughing in his sleep. Chills covered my body.

    I'm so perplexed, I'm so fearful to alarm my daughters with this distrubing nightmare, but I need answers, should I have them have the boys tested. This is so real to me, it was very, very clear in my head, my eyes are full of fluid from all the crying. Any insight from anyone would be most helpful.

    Thank you!

  • Hi" Lovefish" well it's possible you are maybe still in shock about the death of your brother but still maybe it;s worth it to check it out with the boy and also , also maybe positive you go speak to someone also about the lost of your brother

    Ever we get things like this , we need to try to send people we love with positive vibe and hope, if we start worrying about negative things we may make them happen

    we need to trust God more, whatever happen, it's the wish of God

    find balance in your fear to reconnect to life not to death

  • Bless you.

    ask Archangel Michael to comfort you.


  • help you to feel safe ask him to protect your family, it can do no harm. and it might just help .

    peace and love

  • Star2u and Kezza333,

    Thank you both for responding, it was the most real dream I've ever experienced, I even have a couple dream books that I refer to on occasion, so I'm into dreams, this one touched home. Almost everyone I spoke to advised me not to alarm my daughters, to keep a close eye and ears to watch over all my love ones. To stay positive, pray to God for protection.

    I cried for two days straight, with just the idea that something could possibly happen to someone so young, innocent that I love so dearly. I know I'm not alone there for there is so much horror in this world.

    Both of you, please know I truly appreiate your advice, and I shall continue to keep praying to God, but also ask Archangel Michael for guidance too.

    Peace and Blessings to you both.

  • Hi"ilovefish" i do think and believe you do need to go to see someone about those dream and talk about it, i think there maybe something important that you need to learn in those dreams

    please dont keep the concern for yourself and found the reason for the dream

    God always send us message to help us in our life, dont be afraid

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