PLEASE..Can some one help me find my cell phone

  • Hi every one,

    Is it in my house some place or did I lose it out side my home? Or did some one take it. I have to find it or have it replaced today. It is the only phone I have.

    Thank you ! Thankyou! Thankyou!

  • Dear Cancer64,

    have you tried this one: to ask someone to call you while you at home or around, so you can hear it? at least you will know if it's still at home or not. I hope you will find it!

    with love,


  • Yes I have, my oldest son went around the entire house callinng it and could not hear it, but the last I used I realized that I had accidently turned the volume down because I had missed a call. I had not turned the volume up sos I have no way of telling if it here.

    Thanks ! .

  • Do you have a small red truck?

  • No small red truck

  • I don't think it was purposely taken. You may have dropped it and it may be riding with someone that may have a small red truck.

    Check with your service provider make sure no calls have been placed and explain to them the situation.

    The phone may currently have a dead battery and they may be trying to figure out how to charge it to get it back to you. This may take a few days but I feel good in telling you it should show back up.

  • Hi Endless1987 🙂

    Yesterday evening, I did I did call the provider and they said there has not been any calls made on it. Along with the PD to see if it was turned in. I dont know any one with a red truck, may be it is some one who found it I hope yoiu are right about getting it back.



  • Its definately a strong possibility that I may have I dropped it getting out of the car at wendy's . I was just hoping I was being absentminded and did bring in the house..but dont think I did. It was that or I may have left it on my front porch and some one took it. which I hope was not the case.

  • Thank you Endle what happensss1987!

    I will let you know .what happens.

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