!!!!Hopeless libra!!!!!!!

  • Im hoping to get a reading im new and cant wait to hear what u see in my future. I have been seperated from my ex for almost a year he cheated on me and i moved out but i still love him deeply. I know he loves me because he has tried on more the one occasion to try again but my mind cant let him come back because i feel he hasnt changed or will cheat again but my heart wants him. I want to know if we will one day be together and will it last.

  • Hi Alice82, I am going through the same situation as you but a bit different. My ex and I broke up because he did not want to cheat on me . My ex ,who is a libra, is with someone else and having a child, but I know that we are ment to be together because I feel it in my heart and gut. I know he loves me because i asked a pyschic. Just follow your gut and heart.

    Hope that helps you little bit!

  • Affairs are hard. I may be about getingt a reading to see the possibilities of the furture, but the work will be up to you. I was also cheated on and the relationship ended. What I asked myself was this: Getting back together would not be hard for me. I know this person and I am comfortable with this person. The needs I have felt since they departed, I know they could fulfill. But what about keeping them! What had changed to make it work this time? Did I get enough time to heal from the first betrayal? Will I be hurt again? Will I seek retribution is some way, some form?

    It's not the reading that will help you at this point. It's the healing. Are you healed?

  • Alice82 - I am sorry you were cheated on. It took me a long time to get over my cheater boyfriend but I am a lot stronger person now for it!

    Relationships (with cheating or not) tend to end because they fundamentally aren't working, even if we can't see that... I would argue that these crappy experiences help us to grow and we generally find better relationships in the future!! 🙂

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