Is it time to call it quits w/libra husband?

  • my husband of 18 yrs is a libra for the past 7 yrs we have not been on the same page, proably longer if i was honest with myself however his place of emplyoment closed last yr and he is returing to school we are a family of 4 trying to live on 1 persons un-emploment pay check he has gotten very VIOLENT displaying the demeanor infort of our 9 yr old daughter, we also have a 17 yr old son who also is physically violent to both myself his mother and his sister his father has been here and witnessed the abuse numerous times and NEVER MAKES A MOVE TO PREVENT IT, STOP IT NOTHING LAST TIME MY SON ASSAULTED ME MY HUSBAND ACTUALLY SAT THERE WATCHING THE WHOLE THING GO DOWN WHILD CRYING!!!! IS IT TIME TO MOVE ON FOR THE WELL FAIR OF MY DAUGHTER AND MYSELF??? THANK YOU ,RABBIT716

  • Yes it is rabbit. lifes too short to submit to such behavior. unacceptable. contact womans shelter n get help there. do it now. good luck

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