Captain or any one else, please can you explain this dream??

  • I see in this dream an old woman, pretty good posture and dressed nicely. She did dismantle a painting of mine, on which was a symbol of my just recently lost love affair. on the back side of my painting, she assembled a beautiful view which I saw it but It didn't impress me much. It didn't bother me at all. However, when she was about to leave, she was about to get the painting with her. but stops and hesitates.

    tells me: but I can't take it because on back of it is your painting. those girls did that. (meaning some other girls has dismantled my painting)

    I don't respond.

    she shows me an earring, rubs it on the top of her foot, and then kisses it, and puts it on her ear.

    she gives me a look like "do you get it?"

    then I had those chest trembles in my body that woke me and kept me alert through all my sleep last night. my chest area was trembling and very sensitive. I felt the mass of chest moving in me, as never did.

    then I kept dreaming about looking to find where my ex lover was, I couldn't see him any where.

    but a learned some how that he had a woman and they had babies together.

    I woke up. had a pretty anxiety day from this night.

    i saw him in the dreams with other women lately

    any opinion is appreciated a lot from any body

    love and peace to you all

  • The part of you that is an old wise soul is urging you to move on from your failed love affair. She tries to show you that there is a beautiful future ahead for you but you aren't interested in the future at the moment. All you can think about is what you have lost in the present. She wants you to move on so she tries to take the painting which represents your past love but then realises that you are still preoccupied with thinking about your ex and what new women might be in his life. This dream is about grief over a failed relationship and about your Higher Self urging you to move on and put the past behind you, because there is a bright new future ahead even though you don't want to move forward to it.

  • The earring indicates you should listen to your own inner wisdom and heed its advice.

  • Thank You Captain. that is true.

    have a wonderful day 🙂

  • Interesting dream. I have been accused of clinging to the past too much, and not letting go. It is not so easy to let go of a disappointing failed relationship. It is the pain of old feelings.

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