How to get my Leo back

  • Hi all...I am new here I am a Leo (July 30). My question is there any way to get my Leo drive back. I feel like it might be buried inside me and never be able to come out again...

    Let me explain. As a kid, I had many serious health issues so I was always at the mercy of doctors and hospitals, my leo determination got me through. Also never one to be looked down upon, I hid my illnesses from most of my friends (because you wants to be friends with the sickly kid?) Once I hit my teens, I still had health issues, but they seemed to be more controlled, and I finally emerged, I found my voice, I finally was able to be who I wanted to be and felt very confident. Then I had to have surgery in my 20's which saved my life, but left me with a hearing aid. 20 years later, I have 2 wonderful teens and husband and a beautiful house, a dog, you know the american dream. The problem I have now is that I am trying to find a job (along with the rest of the country), and I have no self esteem. My hearing aid helps but I still miss things. So now I am trying to find a secretarial job, where hopefully I can use my skills, but my esteem is in the toilet. I feel like I will never get hired, and I can't go for every job. I don't think people want somebody that doesnt hear well to work in customer service or be a receptionist..Or maybe I can. I don't just seems as if before I could conquer anything and I was a fighter and now I'm trying to be positive and fight but it just isn't working. I need my Leo mojo back, but do you think I can get that confidence back? Anyway, even if no one responds it helped to get this off my chest. Thanks

  • Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your recent trials, I'm no expert, but I am a Leo and I recently have had some of the same things regarding self-esteem. I just came out of two Saturn transits one in my 10th house in Cancer, between 2003-2005, late 2003, I got laid off and spent 10 months looking for a job, only to find one that was part-time in every respect, I did find a full-time job that I've had for almost 4 yrs, I used to work the mid-night shift, I choose that shift, I worked it for 2 1/2 yrs. Then I was put on the evening shift, but during my time on the mid-night shift, I was going thru another Saturn transit in my 11th house Leo, Saturn is a restrictive planet, makes a person have to work at something they believe they can't do, I work as a security officer, the first time for a job like that, I knew nothing about security, I was trained , but winged it till I got the hang of it. After all this time it still has not been easy, there are a lot of enormous egos in that profession, being that it is male dominated and they have a hard time accepting a woman, especially a woman in a shift lead position. It has a draining quality on my leo energy, which lately hasn't been as high as I would like, I'm currently looking for a job with room to be more creative. I believe, although like I said I'm no expert, that you may need to look for a job that will bring out more of your creative side, it has taken me years to figure out that I may be more creative than I give myself credit for. BTW, I too used to work as customer service and reception. I'm sure that you will get the fire-in-your-belly relit!!!!! I hope I have helped, if only a little. PEACE!!!

  • I too have had a very sickly childhood and quite frankly adulthood also. Hospitals and doctors are nothing new to me. I am a Gemini and have learned to cope with all my lifes mishaps. I have a son who is a Leo, and I must tell you, he is the most charasmatic, fun, creative (he sings and has this unbelievable abilty to draw), he is true in his heart, and rarely is worried what other people think, I admire him for that. He has a strong career path, thank God. What I am trying to say is, Don't worry, all of the traits that you aquired as a child from being so sickly are still inside you. Have faith, meditate and ask spirit to help guide you back to that side of you. I gaurantee you this current block you are having will pass, but, in the meantime, find the value in what you are going thru now.

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