Why do i like 9

  • i was just thinking bout this. 9 has always been my favorite number. but it is thought to be ominous, often, especially in Celtic astrology and common belief. for one digit number it is 9. for t digit number it is 99. for three digit number it is 109. should i think that 9 is lucky for me? my dob is 29th of October, 83

  • Well it could be that 9 is your lucky number then again maybe its just your personal subconscious interest in this number. I like number 13 for example

    Another thing is although 9 is ominous in Celtic astrology if you look to the North and into the germanic tribes 9 is actually a Special number.

    I believe its in how one perceives it

  • yes, i think you are right. i have a fascination for number 13 also. can numerology say something about this?

  • One question, do you like the number 9 by itself as a number or do you like people who carry the no.9 in their DOB?

    Either way, this has a link with your Life Path no, which is 6.

    (The Life Path is the sum of the birth date. This number represents who you are at birth and the native traits that you will carry with you through life)

    There are certain traits that are similar between you(No.6) and No.9.

    Mainly on the expression level. You are person who can espress yourself very well, eloquent and dramatic at times. But people with No.9 tend to express themselve 1 notch higher. They can be extremely dramatic,creative and vocal with their communication. In my opinion, that personality could have impressed you because it resonates with your own characteristics.

    I hope this explanation helps.

  • Mindconfused!

    You and I, once again, on the same thread!

    And, besides our Scorpio fascination, we also have another thing in common:

    I have always loved the number 13. Always.

    I met my ex-husband on the 13th of October (years ago). We married 8 years to the day of our first meeting: October 13, which happened to be a Friday AND a full moon. Our daughter was born on the 13th (of January). Way before my ex and I ever met, he used to wear a 'patch' on his jean jacket that said "Lucky 13".

    And now, the Scorpio that I have been waxing about on another forum, he and I met on the 13th.

    Everyone that is close to me knows that 13 is my number!

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