Captain or hanswolfgang, if you could be so kind..

  • to give me some insight.

    i've been feeling really, really down and insecure lately. i have been diagnosed with depression and i just need some kind of.. i don't know. some kind of sign that things will get better? highschool has barely begun and all i want to do is run away. can you give me some tips on what i should do, how i should deal with anxiety and advice in general? thank you so, so much.


  • What treatment are you getting for depression - because you have to give it time to work. Your depression comes from a lack of trust in your own strength to handle any situation. The only 'cure' is to face life with the knowledge that you can tackle any problem or that there are those around you whom you can turn to for help if things get too much for you. So stay close to your friends and family and counsellors - they are your support base until you can feel fully able to stand on your own feet. Stay positve - one of the certainties of life is that everything passes - no bad situation ever lasts.

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