Will the court win & we lose our dogs to euthaniza

  • our dogs have been held illegally by Animal control since Feb of this yr and charging us 40$per day. We are taking this case to trial as the only offer the Prosecuting Att has offered is for us to bring in all of our dogs he will kill them, then release us from any criminal charges the ATTORNEY bills are piling up, is it time to cut our losses or keep up the fight as the trial is scheduled to start on 9/9/10 with 2 more trials to follow? PLEASE REPOND, THANKS, RABBIT716

  • Consider an ASPCA!

  • Dear Bente I'm sorry but I'm not familuar with the ASPCA? Could you be a little more specific? These are our beloved family pets who have done no wrong other than to stray off there own property, and we ALL NOW ABOUT THE LEASE LAWSRIGHT/ DO YOU KNOW THE THE DOG LAW OF 1919 actuall READS A DOG MUST BE ON A LEASH AND UNDER YOUR CONTROL @ ALL TIMES SO NO MORE OPENING THE DOOR AND LETTING fIDO GO POTTY alone want to know THE SAD PART WE LIVE ON 10 ACRES!! MOVED OUT OF THE CITY FOR THIS EXCAT REASON, ANYWAYS IN ALL SERIOUSNESS WOULD YOU ALLOW YOUR DOGS TO BE PUT DOWN OR FIGHT TO YOUR DEATH FOR THEM? do you have a forcast as to how the trials will tun out in our FAVOR OR NOT??????



  • I´d contact the SPCA n ask them to help u assess ur home n environment. show them pictures of ur dog n have them help u in court. at least asking them cant hurt. google spca in ur state. Animal control useally has a lot of respect for SPCA n useally take advice from em.

    i think if SPCA is willing to do this ur stand a good chance in court.

    as for fight for ur pets till the death im with u on that. i sense it came about as a clerical error, wrong filled out form n it snowballed from there. the cleric is embaressed to come forth n admit faulty. its not the first either this cleric has made, one more n well byebye job.

    mayb that helps

  • are any of those 10 acres fenced in? or is it free ranged so they could if they would trespass on other peoples proporties?

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