The guy I just met

  • I met this guy a few weeks ago at my work his name is Eric birthday July 8th. His son had came in my store and he was bringing him back so he could claim a prize I had given him.

    We started talking and I found out he was looking to place a client with a work buddy to do some job shadowing. I told him I would love to help.

    So next thing I know he is now calling me and also added me to his profile. He is married but he is saying he really feels a connection with me. I've sworn off guys for now I think but there is something about him that interests me. We have a lot of things in common. He said he would love to be friends with me, doesn't wan to leave his wife but yet he is curious to why we have hit it off so well. I told him I would love to help him sort thru his confusion maybe it would help me understand why my husband left me. I just wonder however is there something more to this? Anything I need to keep my eyes open about? Will it lead to something more later on down the road? Will I be able to help him reconnect with his wife or will he wind up falling for me? I do not want to be the cause of someones falling. I'd love to help him but I don't want to like him even though I am kinda attracted to him in an odd weird way.

    Any help greatly appreciated. I too am wondering why I would even consider being friends with a guy after all the junk I've been thru I have have to be crazy!

    Thank you in advance!


  • Think very carefully before you do anything.

    Good luck!

  • Hello " Lostas" Listen Be careful , try to listen to what he saying, sometimes we woman are not listening to what the man is saying and we only hear what we hope will happen

    before you wondering to start anything with this man or not the first thing you need to hear is he said : HE wont leave his wife, so please try to take it as you hear it ( if you dont you be hurt later)

    second, he said he is curious to know what is happening between you two, in way his firting with you

    this is not good new Darling, whatever you feel

    he could tell you tomorrow i love you i want to be with you and that will be the same thing

    the thing is, NOTHING CANT really happy until he leave his wife

    this is the dream of all men to have a second girl on side but they will never leave their wife

    Dont make yourself an easy target

    I hope i didnt offend and that you will go out there find a single guy that wont bring you pain because trust me, if you start you be in pain

    be at home thinking his with his wife now and his not with me

    think about it

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