Need clarification on a reading

  • There is someone in my life that is giving me the impression that she is working against me and when I've done the I ching reading it said first then the second was nourishment. I'm somewhat confused by this, I get the impression that she's jealous and feels like competition but I don't feel the same way and want to stop feeling like she's intentionally trying to cause conflict in my life.

  • Your gut instinct is telling you something here, you could ignore it, but, I wouldn't. Just because you don't want something to be true doesn't mean it isn't. Be very careful with this person, do not let your guard down until you know, for sure, it's safe.

  • True enough, I wish there was a test that I could get results from- it's a work enviroment and I think any test would end up doing more damage without any results...

  • Try this test You should focus on this person in your meditations and picture having a very productive relationship with this colleague starting right now wherever you are - Send energy beams to this person and you will notice the beginning of a great change in this person's attititude towards you - They will not know why they feel so cooperative and might even confess some deep secrets to you which will reveal your suspicions all along soon -

    Love and light Bighorn - Gipsy 321

  • Hi BigHorn, Some people cause or "like" conflict in their lives. If she is very conflicted in general, might be a matter of time before there are changes in her life. That would be good for your sake. This indeed is a very bad situation. Try to avoid her if at all possible. I have been in the same situation. A priest told me to be nice to her. That it would help her and those around her. Don't let it cause conflict to you. Be yourself.

  • Hello BigHorn,

    I hope you have managed to sort out some of your troubles at work this week - I have been praying for you - Let us know how you are Love and Light - Gipsy 321

  • Nothing lately, I had a very nice vacation with my parents where I didn't have to think about work and feel greatly refreshed. It's amazing what a break can do- definately feel better able to cope and keep a positive attitude. Thanks to all...remembering that like begets like.

  • How did you phrase the question when you requested info about your co-worker? For example, I have found this question helpful---What am I missing in this situation?

  • I asked if she was working against me, I'll try that though, maybe there is something that is missing. I did notice that I didn't mention that the first reading was harmony, oops.

    I guess it doesn't help that I am an aries with moon mercury and jupiter in pisces, I don't want to compete but if I do I have to win.

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