I ruined it with my Aqarius Man! Help

  • We dated 1 year ago. Fought, almost had really hot sex twice. Fought again, I left and moved on. Now he's back in my life. We've seen each other twice, had 4 really long drawn out hugs, no kissing (kisses last year were lethally intense). We had a LONG phone conversation where he said he really feels connected to me, I said the same thing. We really want to keep seeing each other etc. So then I invited him over for dinner and a movie (still remembering the HOT sex we almost had a year ago) and he bailed!!! Then didn't contact me for days so I thought he wasn't into me, deleted him from my social media accounts, and now he's mad at me for deleting him. I truly thought I was never going to hear from him again so I told him that. Now it's been 2 weeks and nothing, not a text, email, phone convo, or anything! I'm soooo sad. I called him and left him a vm apologizing for deleting him and letting him know that I'll be here if he ever needs me for anything and that I hope I get to see him again.

    I'm soo sad... help! I feel like I really messed up something that could have been amazing, long-term, special, and intense. I really regret messing this up for a second time!!!!!

    Is it truly over or should I just continue to wait it out? I believe he feels the connection too... because he told me he did. What do I do?! Help!

  • Also I forgot to add... I'm aries and he's aquarius

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