Broken Heart

  • I need help with my broken heart, and I don't know what to do about it.... Can anyone give me some good advice? My DOB: 9-23-1960 His: 6-23-1963

  • Hi gkt, I drew some cards for you and this is what they tell me...

    Past - Queen of Wands reversed. In the past, you were stressed out and depressed, as your enthusiasm for life began to drain from you. I am also getting self-esteem issues. There is also a feeling here that you were stressed so much you needed to control your temper. These are the main things I see here which leads me to believe you were totally frustrated in the past with love and perhaps in this relationship.

    Present - 5 of Pentacles. Right now I am seeing problems around finances and perhaps they may be tied to this relationship. On another level, this card means tunnel vision and that you may have help available to you, you might not be aware, and you need to realize there are people out there who can help. Don't let pride stand in your way either. If your problem is centered around finances, work to correct the problem. Sometimes it isn't always easy but you can make it.

    Future - The Moon. You will continue to go through a very trying time where you might be experiencing some anxiety of the unknown. Don't let the path become 2 or 3, keep it simple and remain on one path. What seems like something that is a threat is really not what you think, so you want to watch for things like miscommunication or situations where you aren't sure how you feel but come to a misleading conclusion. I think you need to listen to your own intuition here and let it be the guide for you. Take care of your mental health as well. As I mentioned before, there are people and resources out there that can help you deal with the situation. Talk to a good friend who understands your situation.

    Overall the reading shows me you need to see to your psychological welfare first, talk to someone you trust. You need time to distance yourself from what has happened and help yourself to see things more clearly so that you can deal with the other things concerning you.

    I hope this helps, gkt. You are welcome to ask me questions and I will do my best to answer them.

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