Hi Watergirl18 can i have a reading please?

  • Hi watergirl

    I am not currently in a relationship I am talking to two different guys but one just stopped talking to me out of the blue like the earth ate him or something. The other one is in prison so we just write each other. But thats about it. Thank you again.

  • Hi Watergirl,

    Can you give me a reading?


  • Thank you so much for the reading Watergirl. You've given me hope and have lifted my spirits with your advice. Things don't look so bleak now. So thank you again. Much love and light to you!

  • I hope I'm speaking for everyone here that is waiting for your gift of a reading; Thanks so VERY much!!! We will be patient. Bless you!!

  • Dear Watergirl,

    I have come to you for your gift of advice. My question was put to the cards concerning a recent love relationship that has been on & off for 7yrs. Wonder what to expect now? Please give me your consultation on this matter. Deeply appreciate your response. Here are the cards I pulled. Feeling like something terrible is or will happen!

    SJE B-day is 8-18-1963 & JMK B-day is 5-8-1968

    5 "Queen of Coins"

    6 "The Emperor"

    7 "The Hanged Man"

    1 "Nine of Wands"

    2 "The Magician"

    3 "King of Swords"

    4 "Ace of Cups"

    Peace & Love

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  • Hello Watergirl...

    I came upon this thread by accident (?)..I have never had a reading here and you seem to be very gifted.....If you have time and the energy, I feel that I am at critical crossroads on many levels of my life at this time. I could use some direction......(Follow the Yellow Brick Road, Follow the Yellow Brick Road......sorry....direction humor..) Any help would be appreciated greatly.


  • dear watergirl,

    can yo please do a reading for me n my friend of 4 yrs, we arent talking since 3 months now, whom i love/loved?

    second, me n a white guy im talking to, wants to meet me?

    third, another indian guy whos im talking to?

    fourth a guy in my class?

    someone else is going to come in my fture and i need to wait more?

    which way is the best and would lead to true love and marriage possibly?

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  • Sorry Watergirl...

    'I should be more specific.....my crossroads are...

    Health, Love/Relationships, Finances/Career,


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  • Watergirl, please disregard the cards I selected I trust that your reading about this relationship with this man I love deeply will more accurate. Please do a reading for me time is slipping away really need to know what his intentions are and what will happen if anything between us ever again. My heart is so broken so badly this time around. What should I do?

    Much peace Susan

  • Thank so much for your reading, Watergirl!! Your right on target, my husband does love to dream and rarely does it come to fruitation! On your question regarding my old boss/ mentor, she is a female. We have a dear friendship, much like sisters, who don't mind being blunt ugly honest with each other, ha! I'm concerned with what you see......... Her birthday is September 8th, not sure of the year. She is older then I. In the past, before she left my company, there were those that were quite jealous of our relationship, and tried to spread rumors, that hurt us both. We have since got the truth, through sitting down and realized how and why were being played against one another. (Don't you just hate office politics?Ha). Anything else you see, would be great! You have helped me and I deeply thank you!!

  • Thank you watergirl. And I will be careful with the guy from prison. And maybe the mothering love you were talking about is maybe you are talking about the love I have for my two daughters because I am a single mother of two beautiful little girls. I have one last question for you if you can answer it if not its ok. I wanted to know if you could see the guy getting out of prison soon. if it helps his name is Angel Quintana and his dob is 8/30/1981. Thank you again

  • Dear Watergirl, I do not know how to read tarot cards I randomly pulled them from a deck. Please do a relationship reading for me concerning the man I have been with on & off for 7yrs. He came back into my life 3 months ago after being apart for almost a yr. 3wks ago he walked out of my life and refuses to even speak to me. There is someone else but he told me he wanted nothing to do with her but she will not go away. I believed him a little but know there's something he's hiding not quite sure. My question is will he ever totally commit to me? Is there any hope for an honest relationship? When we are together we are so connected, when we are apart it's the same way, we had both felt that our chance meeting from across a crowded room was our destiny & that our souls found each other. Please tell me the truth so I do not keep living this life over & over with him. I am not a fool when it comes to men, yet, when him & I get back together the connection is so strong. Any advise any guidance would be deeply appreciated. Your such a beautiful soul to share your gift, thank you so much.

    Much Love & Peace

    Susan E.

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  • Blessings to you Watergirl..