Hi Watergirl18 can i have a reading please?

  • I had no intention of bothering you for awhile as I know you're exhausted. But my intuition is sleeping.

    4 years ago we started our relationship by chatting on AIM. I had seen him logged in (we used to email) and spent at least a week sending him IMs w/o knowing his sis had set up the pc, AIM started automatically and minimized. He had never used it. I showed him and a monster was born. We'd spend sometimes 4+ hrs a night IMing - every night. This went on till Fall 08 when he was in the house with me more.

    This past July I discovered a way to see that he had logged in as invisible. I can't see it till he logs off. I spent a month with my poor laptop open, logged in as invisible myself most of the time, to see if there was a pattern but nope, just those two times.

    Until last Monday (9/6). He actually signed on a visible while we were emailing. I waited a bit, made myself visible (assuming he has not deleted me), he signed off a bit later and I did when I went to bed. Neither of us reached out to the other.

    Last night he was emailing me again. He sent me an email that didn't leave much to respond to, so I waited about 20 mins before responding in kind. 2 minutes later he signed on AIM as visible. I did not. An hour later he went idle so I figure he dozed off. 45 mins after that he set his status to "away". This morning I got a notification that he was "away" again (which means he is still signed in and his laptop is open) and the time matches when he'd have gone to work.

    Anytime in the past that it took me too long to respond to him, he assumed I was chatting with someone else. I am guessing that is why he signed on last night, as he would have seen me last week so he knows I still sign on. He may also have found the bug that allows him to see me sign off when I am invisible.

    So at this moment his laptop is open and signed into AIM while he is at work. This means anyone could send him a message and he'd get it when he got home (unless he installed an app on his iphone which I doubt he did, I researched them and they are not that good).

    It IS possible he is chatting with someone else but I find it odd he'd use this account as it was the one WE used and he does have other accounts and FB with chat he could use for other people.

    My intuition has completely failed me at this point. I do feel he is seeking me out but I have no idea how to proceed. I could see how long he stays on for, I can send him a message saying Hi, I can sit on my hands and wait. But at some point he will get tired of waiting and shut it down again.

    To date this summer has mimicked us 4 years ago, him ordering things from me, doing a couple of workouts together, emailing and now the foray into IMing. Could be a coincidence but I don't feel it is. Even the timing is similar (except for the emailing which never stopped in the spring). I don't even know if he is conscious of that fact. If we are mimicking, that means it's up to me to prod him in IM.

    Any guidance would be much appreciated!

    YD aka Temperance

  • take your time watergirl. oh. great news....mr. aquarius is back on facebook. hooray.....not

  • You know, a piece of me says I answered my own question, ie I should reach on out AIM. But how long do I wait? If I go too quick he runs again.

    He signed back on during his lunch break today, last week he was on as invisible at lunch, just one day.

    Is he talking to someone else or waiting for me?

    Damn stubborn men! LOL

  • Hello Watergirl - I have been dabbling in astrology & Tarot recently trying to better understand how our intuition helps guide us when one too many curveballs are thrown at us. That intuition led me into your forum & I am quite impressed with your compassion, humor, intelligence, and insights. If & when you get the chance if you could do a reading for me I would appreciate it. I am looking for some insight on how if my husbands current illness will effect mine & our daughters future. As an aside the last real reading I had done was 12 yrs. ago, & was incredibly accurate. I don't know if this information is helpful but I am an Aries, my husband a Virgo, our daughter an Aquarius. We have a great support system, & I in particular have an Aquarian, Leo, Pisces, & Aries that round out my close friendships. We have all been put through the ringer this past yr., and doing really well considering. I just want to make sure that I am not missing anything. Thank you in advance and if you can't no worries but truly best of luck to you and your gift. Thank you!!!

  • Hi Watergirl18, I have been reading your posts and I would love for you to read for me. I can see how very busy you are but you seem to have remarkable insight. So i will be very patient until you have time for me.

    My birthdate is 08/09/55. I would like to know about my financial security. Right now it looks very bleak and it seems that I am in a very dark tunnel. Can you tell how it looks for the future? I have always been a very optimistic person but I am becoming a real Debbie Downer according to my kids. Any insight you can give would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you,


  • Dear Watergirl,

    No questions today, I just wanted to send you (and everyone) on this thread LOVE AND LIGHT.

    Happy Wednesday, my Friends 🙂

    PS. I LOVE this thread. Lots of amazing women and insight here.

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  • No apologies necessary Watergirl18! Best of luck tomorrow.



  • Dear Watergirl,

    Sending You Love and Luck tomorrow!

    December Girl

  • Sweet Watergirl,

    The Angels have your back..........



  • Hello Watergirl18

    Wish you luck and the angels will be there with you

    making such everything is fine.

  • oh miss watergirl. mr. aquarius is back in my head in a big way. for a while i was having nightmares about everything and then in the letting go process i had peaceful sleeps for a few weeks, but i woke up this morning after another one of these nightmares. i don't know what is going on. i can't get him out of my head, and on top of the other stresses of my daily life this is no bueno. he had deleted his facebook and my roommate was showing me where he had re-activated his account. so there he is. in my face. i'm so frustrated. i hope your head clearing goes well, i need to do a little reflecting today myself. talk with you this weekend 🙂

  • Thinking of you this morning! Hope all is well.......


  • thanks for the previous readings, something new has happenned and i want to consult you.

    last week on wednesday nite i was online on a dating site where i contacted a profile, he just wrote back the next minute, and said he was coming for some professional work to my place which is a seven hrs drive from his place, in the next 6 months he's planning to move here so wanted to fix up his job n apartment.

    we met the next day n just hit it off, we seemed to get along very well, the chemistry seemed right too, he asked me about my plans for marriage n kids n wht i think of this relationship's future...., he's greek american, im indian n new to america but he has lot of indian friends n seems to know alot abt my religion n culture, n im very open to meeting a guy from other nationality. we r both from exacltly the d same profession n he said alot about helping me settle down as well...., we discussed almost everything, though i gave him no relationship answers....

    he came to meet me the secondday too, we wentout talked, the same thing as last day n then, even on the 3rd day, he invited me to join him n visit his professional colleugues so he cud introduce me to them, but i had a party to go to n i declined....., he left the next day leaving a text that he'll see me soon, he mentioned in the meetings too tht he try to come over every weekend till i decide to visit his home n take a flight there...

    Watergirl, how you feel about him? is he going to be the one for me?

    He is everything i was looking for, but i want you to figure out is he really what seems to be?

    Is he going to be for long haul? will we marry each other?

    if yes, could i tell him that in my culture we consummate after marriage?

  • Dear Watergirl,

    Praying for you today. Hope all is well.

    Love and Light

    December Girl

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  • Take it easy!

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