Hi Watergirl18 can i have a reading please?

  • Hello Watergirl18

    You said that you never had cancer friends well it looks like you have a couple

    of cancer friends now.

    Illona aka blackladydiver

  • haha. you're great. i've had a few very close aquarians over the years. one was a female roommate and that ended badly....due to both us having cancer boyfriends at the time. yikes! and another close aquarius is one of my best friends back in mb. and then this crazy mr. aquarius comes into my life. they do teach me many things, those silly aquarians....

  • i should say YOU silly aquarians 😉

  • Hi Watergirl 18,

    Can you please help?

    I'll try to shorten this as much as I can :-). I met this scorpio male through a mutual friend for a work project. My friend told me a little about him letting me know later that he had someone already in his life (my friend also wanted to hook something up personally). I thought nothing much about him when we spoke over the phone and when we met for a meeting for the project (however I did think he was extremely **** and attractive). Anyway as we began to work on the project, I found out more about him (found out we attended the same university, know a few of the same people; my sis-in-law's grandmom lived on the same street he currently lives on-3 houses down from his....). What struck me was that he did not seem to have much of anything for the girl he has. When I asked him if he had a girlfriend, his reply was "I am dating?!" and when I insisted on a "yes or no" answer, he said to be "safe" he will just say yes. I was a little surprised and he explained that she was on her way out because she does things to **** him off from time to time. There are other things he's said about her that surprises me. Since I've known him, he's never referred to her as his girlfriend. Beside her name on his phone he has in parentheses "she will NEVER tell the whole truth". Infact, the last time he brought her up, he said he does not know what to call what they have going on.

    Now when it comes to me, we started spending more time working and hanging together. I instantly noticed there's a mutual attraction to the point we'd cuddle, be affectionate towards each other, talk and laugh alot when we are together etc. This went on for 4months until one night we finally went beyond that (however, we didn't have ****. He actually stopped before we got that far-Thank God!!. But I believe that we both wanted to so bad and will probably do when put in that position again).The bomber was that the next day, he did mention that he was going to San Francisco and that the girl was going with him and he felt weird about it after what had happened the night before between us. I was not angry cause I figured this must have been planned prior to that night. The next time we met up, thankfully, the attraction was still there and we had fun hanging out. I need help cause I feel deep down he's the one (and it's very strong) but there's the issue of the girl and I don't want to be in a triangle. My friends and sister all say I need to find out what's the situation is with her and let him how I feel (in order to know if he is interested in me or not) when we get to hang out again. I am not a relationship expert but one thing I have been told and I do believe is that if a guy loves or at least cares about a girl, he would acknowledge that (and i don't see him doing that with her when she has brought into a conversation). My guy friends tell me about their relationships. Its either they are into the girls or not.

    PLS HELP me with some advice on this. What could be going on with him?

    PS: He's been pretty open with me in conversations. He seems to have fun when we hangout. Once I woke up at 4am and found a text from him (sent at 12:45am) saying "Just thinking; thanks for believing in me" (which I do and I told him I always will). If I have responded around that time, I probably would have gotten more on his thoughts/feelings.

    He's a typical scorpio will hear from him now and then he does not respond to a few of my texts. I have not seen him in about 3 weeks. I wanted to see him last weekend, he informed me that he would have liked to but had hurt himself (he sent me photos of his injury, he actually has surgery coming up). 2days ago, I responded to his text thanking him for lending his studio for a shoot we have coming up letting him know he's wonderful and I have not heard from him (which I know is typical)


    MY DOB: 7/26/79

    HIS DOB: 11/1/77

  • hey watergirl, i want to thank you so much for this reading... i understand truly what you and the captain have been trying to tell me... i just got so confused really... but i want to truly let go but what ive been told really had me holding... i feel deeply this man isnt right for me... i guess im just wanting to be loved so much by someone because ive never really had it, that i hold on even when there isnt nothing there... i honestly have a bipolar problem, and at times fantasy gets mixed up with reality... and then thats why i cant really do a reading on myself... and i go to other sources for it... it is due to my bipolar... and thats another reason i dont trust my own psychic ability... i know i have it, but i cant aply it because i dont want to advise someone so wrong... but i am going to take your advise... i really am and im going to let go infact starting now... thanks so much for you time and all... god bless you hon, jaffeebella

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  • @ Watergirl18

    Thats fine. Looking forward to it.

    No I meant I have guy friends who tell me about their relationships with other girls. And its either they are into the girls or they are not. He on the other hand does not seem to claim a relationship with her (he said he does not know what he calls what they have going on). He does not seem to trust her totally. And from what I understand, scorpios are big on trust.

    I have not seen him in 3weeks but we go back an forth in text messages. The last time we connected was on 9/10/10. I invited him out last weekend (9/4/10) but he informed me that he would liked to but he had gotten into a bike accident and hurt himself. He sent me the photos of his hand in a cast and actually has surgery this coming Tuesday. He sent me an unexpected text on 9/8/10 @ 12:45am (while I was asleep) thanking me for believing in him. I woke up to it @ 4am.I I let him know that I always will and I am here for him.

    I really do not know the situation with the girl because I do not want to pry too much. I have asked him why he is in a relationship he does not seem too happy in or not care too much about and he mentioned that so far she is the only female that is not caught up with the glam lights of the industry we are in (although she pisses him off from time to time). I asked him if he loves her, sees anything with her and his answer to those questions is NO (he just seems to "settle" for her). Basically, he seems/seemed to have given up to finding love cause when I asked him what he would do if a female that meets all he wants comes along, would he ignore her to be in a relationship he cares less about and he said he doesn't know what he would do cause he hasn't thought about it (he tries not to think about it) He just opens up and say things to me ( I guess he is comfortable). From what I understand, scorpios are quite introverted.

    We are and will be working closely on my magazine cause he is the photo editor for it. So I text him in reference to work (photoshoots, concepts, team emails); however sometimes we go off tangent and chat about general stuff. I dont know why I feel strongly about him being the one but I do. I definitely do not want to be in a triangle. My friends and sis-in-law want me to have a conversation with him to find out what the situation is with him; let him know how I feel to be upfront - no pressure of course (since we are both in our 30s; not kids anymore).

    He is a really sweet, nice guy. And I know (because he's said it) that he likes hanging out with me. I do want more with him but I know he has to deal with what he has going on with her. But I still feel he is the one....so please help me figure out whats going on with him, what he is thinking etc.

    Thank you!

  • Good Morning, I told an Aunt how good you were and she asked for a reading, no pressure, whenever you can her dob is 02/28/54 initials j.j. God Bless you for your "Good works" have a wonderful day! 🙂

    Please don't forget, have a blessed day, you must be getting tired. Have a blessed day! 🙂

    singned: patient... 🙂

  • Good Morning,

    I was hoping that you could do a reading for me. My dob is 11/26/62. I've been going through alot of life changes lately and was wondering if you could lead me in the right direction. Have a great day and god bless.


  • Hello Watergirl18, he has contacted me for help with something again so..... lol... he takes the lead. I am so busy this month anyway, no time to dwell on things (much - that's the dreams I guess).

    Have a great day and take some "me" time!


  • Good Morning Watergirl18

    This is Illona again. My dob is july 12 1961 and I was wondering if you could do a reading for me about money. I am going too school for my BA and they have been just doing me so wrong about my school and now they are saying that I have to wait again till they finish this new thing that they are working on. People getting extra pell from last year I was wondering do you see me getting the extra pell from 2009/2010 because I take a medical leave in May and then they told me that I was not going to get my pell and now they are saying I can't get my 2010/2011 pell till they get this extra money out. And I was wondering do you see my getting it. And do you see me getting my 2010/2011 pell soon.

    Thank You Illona

  • well miss watergirl. i have been thinking a lot about everything you have told me. i have certainly met who i WISH my king of cups was, but i think college professors are off limits 😞 gorgeous AND smart....if only. haven't heard anything from mr. aquarius, i feel it is only a matter of time. craziness. the only 2 long term important relationships in my life were with a cancer and then an aquarian. i think i'm done with water signs....as lovahs anyway 🙂

  • watergirl, you are so correct in this... he did help me in forgetting my ex boyfriend and quickly... i cant believe how far ive come in just a years time with all the crap i went through... as for the bipolar, i do follow up with my psychiatrist regularly, and take my meds as directed whether im on a low,high, or normal.. i dont miss a dose for nothing... i wouldnt do that to myself... infact my ex kept me off meds purposely for sometime, that was another form of abuse he put me through, and i almost cracked up... i was on the verge of commiting suicide do to the depression... it was horrible watergirl... but jeff left an outstanding impression with me... and i wish one day to speak to him again... but i think i felt it that we wouldnt be together for a life time... i feel too that he is too overbearing for me also... he was a marine, then in secret services along with a police officer for over 25 years... very controlling and you know how marines and cops are, but to have all of it under your belt, well as i tell him he is hard core... i love him because he does teach me, but is he good for me, well thats another question... but who knows right... right now it isnt meant for us, but the real future is still mine and to remain be seen... but at least i will not keep my life on hold for him... i will see other people now and see where it goes... also do you see someone in my future watergirl... and if so when, will it be soon, like this year or next or how far down the road approximately... thanks again jaffeebella

  • Hello sweet friend Watergirl....

    i am just sending you a little note hoping your week has started well and all is wonderful in your world. I was getting ready for work, thought about you and had a tinge of worry.......figured I should toss a little love your way. Couldn't hurt, might help....i will talk to you soon...



    **Never forget how much you are loved..... 🙂

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  • miss watergirl, i need some advice. it's time for me to quit my job. waiting tables is not for me, i've spent 7 years doing it and have ended up with a terrible shellfish allergy (hehe im allergic to crabs...go figure) and a pinched nerve. i can't continue to work in the environment i am in. what do you have to say about all this? no worries, i can wait 🙂 hope everything is going ok....

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