Hi Watergirl18 can i have a reading please?

  • awwww poor watergirl. i hope you are ok! i feel like i got hit by a car....mr. aquarius was listed as in a relationship with this girl i had met a couple of times. a friend of one of his friend's wives. worst part was i had just talked to him and no mention of this. i wondered why he wouldn't accept my friend request. i even had an intuition wednesday that he was seeing someone and just didn't wanna tell me. i really hate i was right, this has been a very painful situation, but this is the most hurtful thing yet. i called and texted and he wouldnt talk to me, so i went and pounded on his door. he was gonna face me and talk to me. but when he didn;t answer i sent him a text that said "answer your door or i'm leaving a message on your car" well he called back then. he was in another city a couple hours away...where that new girl is from. oh man. i had to get that out. this is singlehandedly the most hurtful thing anyone has done to me.....it was hard for me to get to that point where i felt like i was over it enough to be friends, his whole reasons for leaving were to be alone and to live alone and he is already in a relationship? oh, watergirl. i can't believe this.

  • Wow Watergirl18, that WAS a pretty drastic way to get out of the gym! 😛

    Rest up, if you are sore now you will probably be more so in a day or two. I am so sorry to hear of the accident. 😞

  • Dear Watergirl,

    For what it is worth I am so glad you r ok. The same thing happened to my daughter & I 3 wks ago (we hydroplaned, flipped 3x, car completely totaled, and upside down but we walked away without a scratch). My point, you will be on a literal & figurative roller coaster the next few days. Hang in there, warm baths help, as does leaning into the whole experience. Your fine, the car did what it was supposed to, don't be surprised if you are a little on edge for the next week. I don't know if this helps but I got both my daughter & I back in a car relatively quickly. It really helped. Deep breaths, little trips at first till you are ready. Again hang there - you are fine! Just a blip in the whole scheme. Take care!

  • Dear Watergirl,

    Sorry to hear about your accident , take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon.

    sending love and peace your way.hope you have a blessed weekend

  • Dear Watergirl,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. Rest and take it easy. Let your body and mind dictate to you what you can and cannot handle for the next few days.

    Take care of yourself,


  • Watergirl-

    Could you do a reading for me? My dob is march 17 1957. I am on a journey and am interested in knowing if i should continue trying to contact someone i met along the way,.

    Thank you for any insight you might have.

    May the universe shine its healing light on you-


  • Sweet Watergirl.....

    How are you feeling ?? Again, just a little worried.......

    Sending love and healing your way.....



  • MELinSC is worried too. and also on the verge of a nervous breakdown. i'm all over the place emotionally and thoughtfully today, i need to keep myself distracted.

  • Hey girl, saw you earlier and wanted to say "Hi". Hope you are on the healing way up!


  • Dear Watergirl,

    I am just now reading about your accident. The important thing is that you are ok. I too was in an accident where my car was totaled....awful. Please rest your mind and body. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love and Healing Light 🙂

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  • Listen to your body, it knows best! Are you taking tomorrow off from work?


  • glad to hear it. you've been on my mind this weekend. feel better and take care of yourself woman!

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  • watergirl, i just got up to date... you were in an accident... im so sorry and i pray you are doing well... i hate to put it this way, but a car is always replaceable... your not... so im thankful you can still get on this discussion website and chat with us that is wonderful news... i wish you well and as always in my prayers to get better... jaffeebella

  • Sorry to hear but glad you are ok watergirl--I was just ready to sign off to bed. and thought of you. It's been an odd week--looking forward to a new one--wishing you calmer waters as well.BLESSINGS!

    PS- If you get achy take a hot bath with PLENTY of epsom salts!

  • Sorry you can't take another day off! I know the deadline thing, I am flat out till mid-October (and a bit behind as well, just when I need to keep working out!)

    Take it easy tomorrow.... all my best!

    And yes, I agree..... odd week....







  • no, no message. did you e-mail it? did i give you the right e-mail? did i maybe delete it? oh who knows...

  • nevermind

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