Hi Watergirl18 can i have a reading please?

  • thanks watergirl. yes, my aquarius friend and i did not work out. we started out at friends and i've tried to at least hold on to that, but he isn't having it. he seems content to just move on. i've sent him a few e-mails expressing my emotions but have gotten nothing in return. it's too hard for me to let go of anything, much less something i love

  • Hi again Watergirl18, I just cut and pasted our conversation into a document so I could read it more fully. And there was one thing that stood out - the 6 of Swords that came up as MY situation. I am hesitant to post too much in a public forum as generic as it may be...... but he is considering a move, probably temporary that does involve a body of water. When I first reread it, I took it as a card for him in that this move would happen. But I took a deep breath lol and realized it was for me. Could this mean him coming back to me after he finds out things are not all roses there either? I have been supportive of his move though I've found it odd he has not mentioned it in over a week. I have mentioned I would miss him of course, buy have not tried to talk him out of it (that's what moms are for, right?). Again I am hesitant to go into more detail, trust me if there was a more private method I've have a few more detailed questions for you.

    Oh and no, I never obsess LMAO. Hope you've had a great day, I'm back to the grindstone again!



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  • Ah so not as literal as I took it then - thanks! This has been a depressing situation for sure!

  • what does the king of cups mean?

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  • haha...thanks watergirl

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  • watergirl, i am a very confused young woman. what else do you see for me?

  • Hi Watergirl, do you see anything for me? Whatever you see is fine I appreciate it, like to get differing points of views, b/d is 11/20/65.

  • Hi Watergirl18,

    I was wondering what you see for me & my current relationship. We've been having communication issues as of lately. Thank you so much

  • Hello Watergirl18

    This is blackladydiver and I want to say sorry for taking so long to answer back but I had some computer problems. And thank you very much for the reading. I have one question the one is about the 8 of swords where you said we had some difficulties he is growing weary. We have not been together in years. I have not seen him since I was 20 years old and we just start talk back again in July and he said that we should try and see what can do. So we have not even try the relationship and he is already weary. That was my question.


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  • K. I'm thinking of cash! r whatever, thanks!

  • Hello watergirl18

    So ok so what it is saying that too him I am not making enough of a move to make him think that I want something too happen between us. Is that right. Wow then I guess I must step up my game too him.


  • Hello watergirl18!

    I noticed that you have responded to many people on this thread... I hate to jump in, but it looks like you didn't mind with the others? If it's okay....

    I got a reading on my finances a little while ago, and they said my financial issue will be brighter after the new year.. towards February... I also got a love reading the other day and was told that I could meet a new man soon, and that this man has to do something with a bull, possibly a rodeo. I love these interpretations!!! It all seems great for me, but there is one area that I didn't ask on, and I was wondering if you could shed some light on.

    I am unemployed, and have applied a few jobs that sound interesting. I wanted to know if you see anything in the job front that you could enlighten me with? I've been a stay at home mom for 10 years now, and venturing into the workforce is scarey!!! But it has to be done, unless the lottery comes knocking at my door!! : )

    Thank you for any advice you could shed! I appreciate all that you readers do, and I love following all the different readers! I usually spend my days in the background, just reading the 100's of posts from everyone.

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