Hi Watergirl18 can i have a reading please?

  • Thanks Watergirl your right i am going through something right now, just didnt know quite what. I know i havent felt happy for awhile now, but i just keep telling myself if everybody else is happy i will be ok, i have always put others before myself. Guess i need to figure out what I really want out of life instead of trying to make everyone elses life happy. Thank you again so much.

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  • Watergirl - thanks for the second look, and I am so sorry if it seemed that I wasn't being upfront. I should re-iterate first & foremost right now my focus is my family, and what we have had to & will continue to deal with. Yes, I am scared about the future & what it all means but I do have confidence in myself to be able to handle it. With respect to the other question regarding my aquarian friend, it had been nagging at me so I figured why not throw it out there. As I said, I am pretty new to all of this. My point, sorry if I muddled the waters, i really didnt mean to and I appreciate you being so direct with me. Last, thank you again for all the color you did provide. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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  • Thank you Watergirl for your reading.

    I'm not quite sure about some of the cards.

    I would like to give you a bit of background on myself.

    As for the teacher...I am not in a position to teach formally, but, I have been a single mother for the past 17 years raising my two daughters by myself. I also had a licensed home child care for 4 years but had to close it and go back to an office job due to a heart defect. ( I needed the insurance to have a procedure to correct it.)

    That being said, I have always felt that I have taught my children by example.

    As for feeling hopeless, I lost my job almost two years ago and have not been able to find anything out there, hence the question of financial sequrity. My unemployment runs out in about a month. My daughters and I live together and I have been caring for my 1 1/2 years old granddaughter since she was born. ( another teaching aspect?)

    I have always been a very optimistic person, that is, until I found out that my boyfriend of 5 years had been betraying me from the very first time we met and has been living with my daughters and I and living off of me while cheating on me with both men and women. The sad part being that I can even kick him out because I can't financially afford the bills without his share of the rent and utilities.

    I have this feeling of impending doom.

    Does this change the reading at all? Is there any other way to interpret these cards?


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  • Watergirl - no worries, it happens to all of us (its one thing when you can hear someones voice, and can be quite another when we are reading their voice) & you made me think, not such a bad thing so again nothing but thanks! Hang in there & I hope whatever the "anger" is resolves quickly for you. Have a nice rest of your evening.

  • watergirl.

    when you have the time would you do a reading for me? What does my future in love and family look like? will someone come back in my life or will new love find me..Just curious. Have had such a rough year and hope that things are going to look up in all things in my life..Thanks for your time...If date of birth needed it is 10-22-69

  • my reading???water g.

  • Thanks Watergirl, I agree she is bored all the time and runs me crazy! I'll give her the message and I'm glad you feel better! Thanks Much!

  • Hey Watergirl, wondering if you can give me an update on a specific situation......

    One of the "meddlers" (see my first reading in this thread) does events with the company I work for. She just posted that she wants to upgrade her registration to the longer event.

    She was the married gal interested in him last year, and was on the group ride I did Aug 21. I had said then that I didn't get the feeling there was something between them, or if there was, it was more on her side than his, but again it was NOT out there in my face. I have since seen her at another event and she came over to talk to me and was quite friendly (but I don't find her to be the happy upbeat person all her blogs and bios say she is). She is NICE but has an underlying "something" if that makes sense?

    My intuition is telling me that if there was an attraction, it is no longer there. Either he decided he had no interest once he got to know her better or she decided to work on her marriage (she was "getting divorced" as of a year ago but I see no sign of it at this time). I know she had tried to get him to do things with her and he just ignored her, but he has done "group" activities with her, plus she hangs out with his cousin so he sees her there at times.

    ANYWAY, I saw that come up on my feed now and I wondered if he was involved in this, the way he must've been involved in her jumping in on that long ride in Aug. He did a long race with her and his cousin last year and I wonder if he's going to do it again. Her H is doing the longer event but she is slow enough I don't think they will run together. I would be surprised if bf is not there, his dad and cousin likely will be along with this girl and her H. He knows I am working the event, he worked it with me last year.

    I had also wanted to ask you about dream interpretations. I tried to look these up myself but I can't find the right terms.

    Three times last week I had dreams of him and I, good dreams, very positive.

    But in each dream, there was another women nearby.

    One freaked out when he got sick and didn't know what to do so I calmed her down and took care of it.

    The other ones were just "there"; one stood there while we kissed each other.

    Now the odd thing was that in one of these dreams, this girl that will be doing this event was in it as an additional girl, but we actually worked together to get to him while the unknown girl freaked out.

    I wrote these down and can post them separately. But what I can't figure out is if this is wishful thinking (ie these women are near him but none mean anything to him) or if this is actually more of the truth. The closest I found was that the girl I do know and I would be cooperating on something, as we were both running to find him ("To dream that you are running with someone, signifies cooperation."). Just odd it was HER LOL.

    Her bday is 7/14/66

    His 5/6/71

    Mine 3/18/65

    No rush! I know you are backlogged and have to work and all that. I am headed off to job 2 and I will be busy as well. Had an awesome weekend working on the house, and going to stop at the library to look for a Feng Shui book. 🙂 Oh if you want me to post the dream stuff in more detail somewhere else I will be happy to. I've been curious about them since last week but her post prompted me to buckle down and write. Otherwise all is well in my neck of the woods. 🙂

    Hope you are feeling well. Thanks so much!

    Hugs and blessings.....


  • Or is this what he's trying to walk away from?

    NO RUSH! Really, cuz I'm not pouting. 🙂

    I am totally loving my work right now - so busy, it's nuts but that's what makes me tick - yay!

  • Hello Watergirl,

    Someone at work recently caught my eye and I caught his. Is he worth responding too or should I continue to be cautious?

  • hello miss watergirl 🙂 i came back from beautiful, sunny st augustine florida to lovely, rainy, poring, flooding charleston, sc :)i found the fountain of youth, some cute surfer boys, and maybe myself?... started raining as soon as we were almost to the georgia line. i took that as a sign. i think i have found myself a retirement place for when i finish school 🙂

    thanks for the job reading 🙂 i have made a few connections in the medical field, which is what i hope to do when i finish school. i hope to be working on my resume in the next few days, keep your fingers crossed.

    hope things are going well out where you are 🙂 oh, and on the mr. aquarius front, i think i left a lot of that down there, too. karma will run her course,... i've met a few cute boys 🙂

  • OK I'm feeling better even though he's still MIA. Anxieties are completely gone. Seems it was a combination of:

    • too much work/too little sleep

    • PMS (which I'm not supposed to get but I forgot to take my pill - see reason 1 lol)

    • I saw a friend who finally got the nerve to ask me what happened to "us". She loves him and us and wants to smack some sense in his head which I talked her out of lol. She's such a sweetheart, told me flat out we were perfect for each other, the bright side is I did get myself out of my marriage and myself stronger, and he would not be happy with a non-athletic person. She believes he'll be back. And if he doesn't get his act together, there are other guys out there just as good as him. I love that gal - truth and positive thinking all rolled into one cute package. 🙂

    • that damn FB post that has since been deleted as it had a wrong date in it (figures I saw it 6 hrs before deletion) - that was my final trigger - bleh!

    • a long ago friend that pops in and out of my life emailed not long before I saw that post and he has an exceptional way of annoying me, I've been saying for 6 mos I should probably eliminate him from my life as he does not add true smiles to it

    I took last night "off" and started to read the Feng Shui decluttering book which I am loving. This morning I made the time to go to church, it had been too long.

    Tonight I made a light night. Tomorrow I am going to a concert that I'm really looking forward to. Work has brought in a massage therapist and I have a slot for tomorrow morning. T appt Thursday. Then the home stretch for work for a week+.

    So no worries on the reading though I am still interested in the dreams! Next time I will breathe deeply for at least 24 hrs before typing, it always works. 🙂 I just let my insecurity get the better of me this time - I am human after all - sorry about that!

    Hugs! Hope all is well with you in all aspects.


  • hi-

    i know you have likely been busy- but wondering when you might be caught up?

    Blessing, may the universe continue to shine its light on you-

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