Hi Watergirl18 can i have a reading please?

  • Hi there!. I am about to start a postgraduate course but not quite sure if this is the right thing for me. I'm also a bit confused regarding what's going on in my personal life. Everything is a bit up in the air at the moment. I'd love to get a reading when you have the time. Thank you:)

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  • No worries i've read few of your readings to other people and i like your style. So no pressure, it would be interesting to read what you can make out of it 🙂

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  • Hi, sorry to hear you had bad day take your time. I'm a bit upset but nothing major more frustrated then anything. Regarding the postgrad actually both whether the subject is right for me and if studying is the best thing to do right now. Basically i'm about to spend a lot of money don't want to regret it. Also anything about my love life .

    Thanks hope you have a better day today!

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  • Wow thank you very much for the extensive reading. Thats exciting its mostly positive things. Only the 5 of cups is a bit worrying but hopefully i will be able to overcome it now when i'm aware of it. I will be rereading it at least few more times. But I feel a lot better about it all now though!! Glad you manage to shake off that bad day 🙂 Love reading would be interesting too looking forward to reading it !


  • Hi Watergirl--peeking in to see how you're doing!

    Congrats for being so wise & open about " I have to admit, I had a very upsetting day personally so I think this may have tainted the cards I pulled for you...LOTS of Swords! So unless you have something pretty upsetting going on in your life right now I think I better try again tomorrow."

    And reminding the asker that you're new:-) You are on to a wonderful start & I look forward to watching you blossom & grow:-)


  • I was in a bit of a rush earlier so i didn't have the time to reply properly. Regarding the nay-sayers i don't think i have anyone thinking it's unwise but it's mostly about the costs involved i am worried that it might not be justified as i will be relying on family support to go through with the studies. Or even more so not to disappoint expectations that might follow afterwards. I think probably i'm the biggest nay-sayer to myself as i worry and question my decisions too much. (i blame it on my gemini nature:) But i will be taking on board the Queen of Wands advice and will try to do more rather then think too much...

    Overall i'm very pleased with your reading makes me feel positive about what's ahead so big thank you. And as i see you are new to this as Rising Phoenix points out you are doing a great job and i wish you much success in your journey of mastering your gifts 🙂

    Take your time with the love reading but whenever you feel like it i'd love to hear what your cards have to say about it.

    Have a great day!

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  • Watergirl little SiSTAR--go thee to the reader2reader room to hear a song in your praise 🙂

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  • Oh great i was just coming in to ask you are feeling like a doing the love spread :)well i have been with my bf on/off for three years. We recently started seeing each other again. but when we weren't together there was another man involved which ended around march although we are still friends.

    So you might say my love life is a bit "up in the air" been like that for a while.

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  • Hi watergirl18, hope you are well. Thank you so much for the reading. It is slightly confusing for me also but sounds hopeful as well in a way.

    Yes there are some doubts in my relationship at the moment. And i think i might be overwhelmed with responsibilities just a month from now. So i guess it does make sense what you are saying at the end that i will need to be free of relationships and etc. Very interesting indeed as I usually am always involved with someone even if we aren't in a full on relationship. May be it is really time to focus on myself and my own growth...(in all honesty i've been told so by other readers as well so probably it is the case)

    Thanks again! I'm sure i'll be back in a month or so for another reading and good luck to you too 😉


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  • Hello, that's very nice of you. Thanks i'll take your offer. I do enjoy a good reading 😉

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  • Hello and Good morning Watergirl18

    My name is Illona and I was reading what you and redgemiini have been saying to each other. So first I must say I should not be butting in. But I have to see if you could please do a love reading for me. I have somebody that I really like and was wondering what you see for us. I am a cancer and he is a aries. My dob is 07-12-61 and his -04-13- he is 56 years of age. I forget his year of birth. I really need some help. I know that he loves me and i feel the same about him. But there is something that I need some help with not sure what it is can you tell me what you see for us.

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