Hearing and writing words simultaneously

  • thiis is happening constantly to me. for example, when doing the crossword, the t.v or radio says the same word i'm writing, not everyday words. playing darts last night, i concentrated for the bullseye and the radio shouted "bullseye" in a commercial. so many more like this. it's weird.

  • Hi, Almost sounds like something is trying to communicate w/you. Don't have any experience in this. Maybe you could try your luck at the lotto (seriously.)

  • How about this one.

    'synchronicity'." --Steven Strogatz

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    Synchronicity is an explanatory principle, according to its creator, Carl Jung. Synchronicity explains "meaningful coincidences," such as a beetle flying into his room while a patient was describing a dream about a scarab. The scarab is an Egyptian symbol of rebirth, he noted. Therefore, the propitious moment of the flying beetle indicated that the transcendental meaning of both the scarab in the dream and the insect in the room was that the patient needed to be liberated from her excessive rationalism. His notion of synchronicity is that there is an acausal principle that links events having a similar meaning by their coincidence in time rather than sequentially. He claimed that there is a synchrony between the mind and the phenomenal world of perception.

  • what if i simply do not believe in "coincidences". and why would this be coming through to me so strongly all the time, to the point that i think i should be paying serious attention

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