In need of a reading - finding my way

  • Hello could you possibly do a reading for me? I was born Sep 22 1960 at 11:40am. I am having so much heartache over relationships in general. My heart is not centered and i want to move on but cant find the pathway. Sometimes i feel as i am outside looking in watching me make mistakes but not doing anything to change them. I know that love comes from the inside and projects out why am i trying to find love.. I am so confused and it really is creating such depression in me. I dont want to be alone and i feel myself being drawn to go back to my ex husband of where there was a lot of pain in the past marriage.

  • Your astrological profile tells me that you have a tendency to be rather passive. You retreat in the face of conflict or withdraw to an ivory tower of unrealistic expectations. But you can't avoid problems by pretending they don't exist. Your tendency towards escapism is quite pronounced and you may have even developed a martyr complex that holds you back from enjoying life. You should put your good social skills and formidable diplomatic talent to use in finding new friends. At the same time you must avoid your tendency to let others easily dominate or control you - these people want to exploit your sensitivity and deep sense of beauty. You will find a lot of career success and satisfaction by tapping into that love of music and good fashion and beauty sense of yours which allows you to predict trends.

    Your goal must be to generate a positive attitude and 'can do' approach to life and to avoid self-pity which will stop you moving forwards. If you can release your fatalism and actively seek creative solutions to your problems for yourself, you can adress all your own needs and be transformed on very level - mind, body and spirit. You are imaginative, romantic, and sensuous with exquisite taste so use your talents to get where, who and what you want. You have learned to be resigned to your fate and to accept what comes your way - both good and bad. There is a curious refusal to intiate change for the better that is very common with this particular profile. You must release your attachment to suffering and get determined and busy to work through your problems, instead. When you come to believe that anything is possible, you will find your life journey becomes full of fun and pleasure.

    Don't go back to your life of misery with your ex just because you are lonely and afraid. You are a bit of a loner by nature, anyway, and find that other people hard to be around all the time with all their conflicts and problems. Don't isolate yourself too much though because the right partner is out there. You need someone who is outgoing and optimistic and won't let you run away or retreat from life too easily. Once you learn how to form mature relationships based on mutual respect and give and take, rather than falling for more idealistic and unrealistic partners, you will find true happiness. A little forethought before you jump into a new relationship will pay dividends in longevity.

    So stop waiting for someone to come and save you and go out and do it for yourself.

  • Dear Captain..please help me out. i am desperate and need your guidance anew. i have created a separate thread again

  • thank you for you have truly been inside my heart and mind and know me this is true about me. i am very thankful and i will read this and put it into my heart and mind and take the steps here to my saving me. i will read and reread this to help me stay focused. i needed to hear these words. thank you again for being here.

  • You're most welcome.

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