Is this the end for me and my ex?

  • I love my ex to bits. i dont no why it has to end like this i love him more then anything and theres nothing more i can do, we have spoken but it just hurts even more to know i've got to let it go i've tryed my hardest is there anyway of us being together again?

  • Hi AngelGirl,

    I've done a reading for you.

    From what I see you really love your ex and try to be as good as you can be., give him all your love, and do many things for him. You act really just like an angel. But I feel that you and your ex are together, you often talk about something like work or money. This makes you and your ex looks more like good friends than lovers. When true lovers are together, they should be able to express their true feeling and show their true self, because they have no need to wear any masks.

    Also,I feel that there is a lack of sex life,but I'm not sure if i am right.

    Your relationship is not likely to end this time,but the problem will still exist. Maybe you should pay less attention to things belonging to the outer world such as work or money, and pay more attention to the inner world,to emotions,and try to understand each others' feelings?

    I hope this will help, the deck is a new one for me and I am not so confident.


  • Hi angel girl

    I have only been doing tarot for a couple years but i have done a reading for you using the celtic cross, please tell me if any of it rings true as i would appreciate the feedback 🙂

    Firstly I feel before you met him you were a very independant girl, and saw a relationship as an addition to your life rather then filling it, the problem is you stopping yourself healing. you feel you can do no more and your hands are tied, but this is not true, you are imposing your own restrictions. you feel you can do nothing but you can always do something. The relationship was very idealised or what you believed was ideal for you, he made you feel in love, swept of your feet. You are being very patient and perservering but the time is just not quite right yet, things have not come to fruition yet, and you feel like you are waiting around for it to. You are feeling quite low, are grieving, feeling lost and betrayed, this is clouding your logical mind and you cant see clearly, the realities of the situation cannot be seen yet, but i feel there are positive factors at work. you are compromising too much i feel, think about your needs....... As imediate future i have the lovers card. You are debating whether it is time to move on, I feel either your ex or people around you are being insensitive to your feelings, and that you are hoping for a reconciliation and quickly because you are sick of waiting.

    Personally I see your are having difficulty healing from the BU and you are attributing that to your ex not making a decision to be with you. This choice is yours, and it doesnt matter what the tarot tells you, you have free will, you are choosing to wait for him, and you should not let someone else have this power over you (believe me i am going thru the same thing). Have a good think, is he really what I want?, did he really give me what I need or did i compromise. Its hard to be truthful about your feelings. I do not do predictions as I use the tarot for self meditation and clarification, only God knows what the future brings. I feel you need some me time, and its hard I know when you love someone so much (honestly I feel for you). I would say think about what you want and need, give yourself time to heal, and pray for the strength to do whats right, I guarantee the cloud will lift and you will know the right course of action. God sends little whispers if your willing to listen. as i said I wont predict for anyone else but I hope my advice helps

    take care

  • thank you it's very good advice, could you please anwser me one thing , what is the chance of us getting back together?

  • i'm uncomfortable with predicting for others, I will only do it for myself. Like I said I use the tarot for guidance as i believe our unconcious mirrors in the cards, ie how can i help facilitate a reconciliation, rather then will we get back together. I believe the future changes with the choices we make and each passing moment. I am usually good at this kind of situation if you tell me what has went on in the relationship and what led to the breakup and can give you my opinion on a friendly basis but not as tarot prediction.

    I am dealing with a similar situation, so if you want to chat to someone I am here. Can I ask one thing are you young or still studying somehow, college or uni?

  • we have decided to have some time apart for abit so its either make or brake i hope we work things out but i can't keep in this depressive emotional state, so i feel much stronger than the last couple of the days, and whats ment to be will be, i go on hoilday for a week so that gives us some full time apart, we could both meet new people but what happens, happens thank you Temperance we will stay strong together, thank you Kezz for your reading your not far off.

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