Need relationship advice on my tarot spread please :-)

  • Bit of background....I have recently separated from my ex, we had a very deep connection and I have always felt he is my future husband, and that I was bought to his life to help him heal and find balance. we loved each other very much and still do but our arguments were bore out of his negative experiences in the past. In the end his fears took over and we separated. I have a friend who is clairvoyant and she sees us as lifelong but has trouble being impartial, I saw someone else who said the same. I'm not afraid of moving on but im having difficulty as my gut is telling me its not over so strongly, but my logical side is telling me i may be in denial. I have done a celtic cross sppread to ask if its over or if there is a chance or reconciliation. I always get a positive card as outcome but three of pent keeps popping up, to me this is a firm foundation with which to build on. For clarification I did the next spread.

    pos one: 4 swords

    pos two: ace pent

    pos threee: temperance

    pos four: queen wands

    pos five: nine cups

    pos six: 5 cups

    pos seven: strength

    pos eight: page pent

    pos nine: high priestess

    pos ten: four wands

    from this I get a period of rest followed by steady progress again, and that i need to find a balance in my life with my emotons, my logical mind and my intuition, I have been very pushy with him instead of letting him be and heal himself, I am remaining positive and want him back but i have a period of sadness infront of me where i will find the strength to deal with my emotions. I am indeed starting study next month (pg pent), and as my hopes/desiress, im hoping what my intuition and clairvoyant has said id true, also that i feel there is something going on beneath the surface my ex is not admitting (i think he is depressed), but overall there is the potential of happiness and contentment.

    sorry for the long post, any advice is appreciated as are readings from anyone to help me see clearly, god bless x

  • I see the self reliance sign so don't expect too many outside answers at this time and don't force it as you could get wrong advice. You are on your own for the moment but as scary as it is it is really a silver lining thing because letting go actually brings the divine in and your intuition will really grow spot on. Sprit says lose the HE for ME. You are a fixer. This works on the surface but hard to maintain for those who don't do the work. Detachment is your friend right now. Make this time about you and let in only those who have gifts for you--it's harvest time--gather up. Spirit keeps showing me this odd scene--two hikers ready for the trail--mountains around--beautiful area--the two hikers man and woman bickering---she packs carefully--considers all nessesities--wants to be prepared to the tee--is excited yet bit nervouse as this trail is unknown---Man can't decide a thing--they bicker--he says we don't need this--doesn't like the path--says go right she says no left. He sits on a log and lights up a smoke and thinks maybe if I argue long enough she'll give up on this dumb trip and we can go home where it's safe. But she's ready and walks on down the trail in a huff all the while expecting him to be right behind catching up but she looks back and he's no where in sight and she wonders did I just go too far with this BUT then a surprise she is distracted by such wonderful nature--beautiful scenery--animals say hello and before long she forgets about the man she left on the log. AH she says--so this is freedom! BLESSINGS

  • thats a nice scene but not so strange to me. U hit the nail on the head, he has had so much turmoil in his life, I tried to show him the beauty of things and how life doesnt have to be hard, BUT it was unsafe for him. He liked his life safe and he said when im not around its safe..... you have just described our relationship. I did give too much and forgot about me, im realising this now. thanks for your insight 🙂

  • oh and forgot, where do you see self reliance, just for future reference

  • #1 Fact of Life,everything Changes!Follow your Gut Feelings and Watch for Change.You Will do the Right Thing>Will>He?

  • very true, what do you mean will he? saying that he has never done whats right, but im not putting my life on hold for the mean time, thanks for advice

  • Temperance

    when spirit shows me the self reliance sign (I'm psychic) it means that you will be gathering more trust in your own wise counsel--will feel need for validations but may not get them--may feel alone or wanting to reach out for outside help but you will get a lot of unanswered questions BUT do not feel it means somethings wrong ---it's you coming into your own power--like taking the training wheels off---you are ready and spirit says you are very intuitive and know how to connect on your own. You are ready to trust yourself--you know the answers. Trust the journey will take you to a better place of personal freedom and it will be his choice to follow and step up or not--no garantees but trust your gut feelings not your fears--it's about you now--you will attract a more secure love regardless. The goal is about you not about getting him to do anything. Self reliance is about letting go to receive. Change is scary but this too will pass. Avoid outside distractions of old habits and embrace new adventures and spend alone happy time so you can hear your own wise counsel. You are ready to do this. Energy attracts like energy---by feeding your self reliance you will attract that in a man---isn't that the man you wish for--one less needy? On a certain level you mirror each other and in that way you are so right to pick up how each of you invite growth. You lead--you are the Goddess. He is in need as well of self reliance--but on a different level. Complete your own transformation and by letting go give him room to walk his own lone trail to hopefully meet you on more equal ground. You can do this. Blessings.

  • Thanks blmoon your guidance is appreciated

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