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    New Tarot application, Freak Tarot is released.

    ‘Freak Tarot’ is a Tarot card reading application with the Otaku theme Tarot card. Freak Tarot is composed of 78 original cards. Each card embodies daily life and desires of Otaku and Doujin.

    • Meaning of Tarot card is reinterpreted from a perspective of Otaku.

    • Proper meaning of Tarot card is interpreted simplify and intelligibly.

    Freak Tarot provides various kinds of spread.

    • Including ‘Celtic draw’ and ‘Sacred Quest’, 22 spreads are included.

    • You can select the optimal spread which is suited to your question.

    With Freak Tarot, Anyone can read the Tarot card easily

    • Tarot reading procedure is reproduced perfectly in this application.

    • After select the spread and enter the question, you can get the answer at once.

    • User interface and operating through Touch & slide are intuitive and simple.

    Tarot reading history can be saved and shared by posting on Facebook.

    • You can read your Tarot reading history again as it is.

    • You can upload the ‘clue’ Tarot card on your Facebook.

    The promo codes are:

    1. YTF4Y7WA376A

    2. E9KFJ6LERJ4M

    3. KLT3LM6A9FKK

    If you get yours, please reply your number ^-^

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