"Firefly01" can you please help me

  • I am a 30 year old with 3 children

    I feel a woman who dabbles in black magic has put a curse on me and my house...she also tried to "attack" me while i was pregnant sending invisible rods through to my baby. I am quite spiritual and between my mum and i we defended against it as much as we can...unfort this has taken a toll on me and my health and positivity. Ever since this has been going on my outlook is dimmer and i have been subject to misery, bad luck, money and health issues for me and my children. I would really like to know whats in my future and if i will be able to take down the barriers she has put up. She is my babies dads now mother in law. I also wonder how my babies dad is and worry they are doing things to him too. Please please are you able to help me??

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