Scorpio woman went overboard with Virgo man

  • I am having a hard time understanding my intuition because one minute I am convinced he wasn't interested in me, and playing games with me (based on his lack of actions), and the next I'm telling myself he cares, to be patient, and to relax. So here is goes....

    Virgo man chases after Scorpio woman, for almost a year.

    I wants nothing to do with him.

    He remains persistant.

    I finally decides to give him a chance.

    We meet, for the first time.

    He is all over me. Persuasive, convincing, seemingly sincere. Saying things like "I don't want to waste any more time, you're special, I know your the one, there is just something about you, stay with me, I want to hold you all night, trust me.... and on and on and on.

    I fall for it. He comes over that night. He stays the night.

    He is cold and distant with me in the morning. We have no form of conversation. He leaves.

    He does not call me after. Days go by. I start to get upset and worried that this was only for the sex.

    I texts him about how I am feeling. He responds to reasure everything is okay.

    Many more things like this happen, I need reasurance, he reasures, however he never reached out to me in ways to show he WAS truly interested. We meet up again, I became folly in his presents, insecure, unsure, etc.

    I had a hard time confronting him, so I expressed concerns and feelings through e-mail. First few e-mails freaked him out (his words). I stopped the e-mails, for a little while, at least.

    Everytime he got an e-mail he would call to talk about it (briefly) telling me to relax, and stop thinking so much. Still, I felt there was so much distance, considering everything that was said that was said the day we met up.

    After a few more encounters of odd behavior from him, I began really becoming more insecure, felt as though he was running circles around me. I began making many many mistakes out of desperation (I guess you could say), pushing him further away. He would text, or call when he wanted sex. So I was convinced it was only about the sex. He kept telling me it wasn't that. Keep in mind we never had a fun, light, friendly, intelligant conversation through any of this. He never called me to talk, or asked me to do something fun together.

    He tells me he knows I'm one of those needy girls. I take it to heart and learn not to be that girl.

    Last blow out happens......

    I find him on a dating website every day. I wonnder why he would rather be on a dating site rather than trying to get to know me. He is constantly adding girls onto his Facebook. I couldn't handle how I was feeling anymore so I deleted him off my facebook. I was feeling confident I made the right decision, however did not discuss the issues with him first. He texts me and calls me about deleteing him. I don't call him back. It made him angry. I again send him an e-mail explaining how I felt. He called me later that evening in a fit of rage. He told me he was going to tell me that day that he had feelings for me and that he wanted to be with me (I don't know if I believe that) but anyway, he does not ever want to hear from me again. Told me I am nothing but drama, disrespectful. Told me to delete his number, don't ever contact him again, he is DONE! He told me he didn't care about my feelings anymore. That I have made him out to be a terrible guy. He was furious with me. I feel terrible that I pushed him so far, I feel terrible that I mad ehim so mad. But I also was hurting for answers, for the truth. I was cold, insecure, confused. I was NOT myself. It has been a great learning lesson for me however I am hurting so badly that it ended SO terribly. Now I am sorry, and it's too late. Does anyone have any insight on this. Anything at all?

  • Sunnyscorp - click on my screen name that appears next to my post. That will take you to threads I have participated in. I actually have a thread I started called "heart of a virgo man". Click on that thread. The subject of the thread is different than what you are dealing with, but there is a ton of insight from many about the Virgo personality. I believe you will find many on this thread dealing with similar confusion. I'm not sure you'll find any solid answer, but many feel better just in discovering that they are not alone in struggling with understanding this difficult personality. You are welcome to join us in our discussions!!

  • wow. It sounds like he didn't care about your feelings to begin with.

    He is just angry because he thinks himself as a Player and your actions have confirmed that he is not the intelligent love guru he thinks he is.

    Good on you for hurting him... he needed it. ( although if he actualy cared he would have been understanding about how he made you feel. Not angry. Stay away from this man and never think about him again!) You have made him think about how he should really treat a person he is pretending to care about.

    Sorry to hear you are hurting. But it would have been oh so bad if you had pursued the affair!

  • Sunny I was in a similar situation the only difference is that Virgo n I spent a lot of time on phone. He came across to be a nice man till sometime in May. He pulled away and shut down. He would converse but very seldom. I feel your pain as I reacted the same way you did. Eventually, I got tired of seeing nothing but gals (new friends) on FB. This would happen every Monday after the weekend. Mind you; we live in different sates so I couldn't do anything. Eventually, I deleted him and I left FB. I deleted his number to include his friend's. Well, I feel much better now, rand I rejoined facebook. I decided am not going to let him take my power. We are friends again on FB though we don't talk. The FB flirting, photos and gals don't sting anymore. You are a Scorpio we hurt and at the same time, we are regenerating and becoming stronger. Am happy that I stopped calling and I don't give him the attention. Am at a better place today. Thanks to Jenever7 and her thread. You should check it out and trust me once you read all the comments, you will be inspired and feeling much better. Good luck and keep us posted. Stay strong. Cheers!!!

  • Thank you for your posts! I was greatful you guys reponded. I now know, based on talking to my rock solid friends, and these posts, and my intuition, that this guy is an abusive person and I am SO glad I pushed him the way I felt I needed because his response said it all. I am no longer confused and I can move on with a smile. As the saying goes "when someone shows you who they are, believe them." I am a very kind person, everyone tells me how sweet I am. I have never been screemed at like that and I am very glad I was not in his presence during his anger... Thank you for reading my post, and thank you for taking the time to write me back. Tonight I can rest easy.

    PS. I should have stuck with my gut instincs from the get-go. Yay for intuition and gut instics.

    Jenever7 I read your threads. Very helpful, I will be sure to revisit. 🙂

  • Yay for YOU SunnyScorp!! I love your thought, "when someone shows you who they are, believe them". That's one that I would do well to think about myself right now.

    So happy that you are happy right now. You give me a big smile! 🐵

  • I've just started a thread about something similar. I'm a Scorpio and Virgo man has left me so confused. He chased me and then as soon as I let my guard down we spend a lot of quality time together, he backs off. He's on msn messenger until very late at night (the same thing we used to do) and now I barely hear from him. I don't understand how he can be so full on then completely shut me out. This has left me feeling so emotional and confused. I told him how I felt and he said he didn't think at any time that he gave me the impression that we were more than good friends (we spent a whole weekend together, and we weren't playing Twister). He said he wouldn't be forced to tell me how he feels about me. Since then I've heard very little and think he's seeing someone else. Am so sad about this. What could I do / have done differently. I miss him

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