Love is universal

  • What does the psychic has for loves as regards deafs?can they find love, is love available?

    what effect is a fora like serving.Effective?

  • I dont know about psycic but love is there for those who care and share. It may not come from the world. If it is love on your mind then maybe its because christ is in your heart. You desire it

    strongly, and you may have created a cross of suffering that you are bearing. Pray for the lord to lead you to love. After losing my child at the hands of my husband i though i wouldn't find any one to love me, really love me for me with good and bad. I am 29 and been with my husband since 19. I have helped him raise two of his children and we are raising two of our own. I doubt at times he sincerity of his love, lust and so much gets in the way at times. Just keep looking and listen to your heart, dont force it. You may already have it and just cant see it . it isn't the

    way they descibe it in fairy tales any where. Loose any illusions. God Bless

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