Love reading from ANYONE? Feeling down...

  • I am feeling down. Recently, this Pisces man I had dated for 5 months, and 2 months in limbo, finally tells me that he isn't ready for a relationship. That he has things he has to figure out (work-related, and trust-related). I understand, but I cant put my life on hold for him. I'm unsure if I can maintain a friendship with him, I think its unfair to myself, because I only want a relationship.

    Anyways, I was wondering if I could have a love reading. What can I expect from him or from men in general in the near future? Is there any hope at all?

    My name is Laura, born 9/28/87 in Fl at 8am.

    Thank you in advance....I just hate feeling like this 😞

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  • Thank-you for such a wonderful offer. I hope and pray I get a reply. I'v asked MANY times for a reading and have NEVER got one. So thank-you so much. Been married for many years, Husband left me out of the blue. For 2yrs, we've been seeing each other, now he has said he loves me but not enough to stay married to me. He has pulled away. No calls, texts, Nothing. I'v heard there is a much younger women. He wants, but she doesnt want him that way? 1- What has happened to this man? 2- Is it really over for us?3- Will he go throught with the Divorce? 4- Are they more than just friends? Thank-you for any help you can give me. I"m just sick over all this. And dont know what to do. Cathi56

  • watergirl18, are you talking to me? cathi56

  • watergirl, Do you give readings? cathi56

  • Hi Cathi,

    I am not watergirl, but I will give you whatever I have.

    Your husband is not a match for you spiritually, because he is stuck soley in the physical realm of sexual self-satifaction and gratification.

    You are a loving human being who deserves to be with a soulmate who truly values you and appreciates your attributes, who will love you in all seasons, truly and completely.

    He's using you much a pacifier because he doesn't want to be left alone...and so you are on the back burner in case of emergency.

    Please, Please, Please, value yourself enough to end the relationship permanantly so that you can move on to the beautiful experiences that await you with someone who will appreciate you.

  • Dear Patchlove, I don't know what Cathi thought about your reading but I thought that it was phrased and written beautifully. Words from the heart and soul. Beautiful advice.

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