Please may I have a reading-Any1 would be good.

  • Hi there

    Please can someone help me with a reading. Things have been very stressful in all areas of my life right now and i would just like some clarity and insight to what is going on and what i can do to help protect myself and get the most of life. I am a single mum to 3 beautiful children and i have just recently started a business. I am 30 years old birthday 6/1/1980. Also i would like to know what is forseeable in my love life as I got very badly hurt by my sons dad who i thought was theone and wonder if there is going to be a man in my life(who stays) in the future also. Thanx sooo much.

    P.S If any one has any advice about how to block black magic curses being thrown at you and your home id much appreciate that too. 🙂

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