Kid Troubles

  • My boyfriend and I live together and have done so for approximately, 2 and a half years now. My boyfriend has 2 boys from a previous marriage who's mother left them when they were very small. We are having more than the usual teenage problems with them, they have both threatened to kill us and others on seperate occassions. It is so bad that I fear for our newborn child to be alone with them even for a moment. Can you tell me what I need to do to help them or help protect ourselves from them or possibly what you may see in our future when it comes to these children?

    Their birthdates are: Febr. 17, 1998 and Sept. 30, 1996.

    Thank you in advance,


  • I don't mean to jump in, i do hope you get some answers but you have the answers and i hope the dad will step up and stop these kids from threatening you both..

    Wow, they are still so young, Gosh I'm sorry for you really i am..What does their dad say or do..?

    I just hope he backs you up with the boys.

    I'm not a reader, but i have sons, but they are 23 and 24 now, but my daughter is almost 11.I just couldn't imagine having to go through that..I really think the boys need some tough love.

    Please no disrepect to you at all.



  • Hi hope this helps, please.

    • consistency = kid need a consistence eviroment (dinner on the table @? O'clock)

    • responablitiy= a job they should do (use up their time didn't let them use your time)

    • praise= you did good (daily they did something good)

    • diet+ what goes in comes out (journal what they are noushing their body with)you'll be suprised

    Your talking about a 12 and a 10 yr old. Gemmie take control, your all air signs, and you're older you can out smart them at any time. Breath deep.

  • sorry 12 and 14 year old

  • Thank you both so much! The youngest is a narcissitic one and the one we are having the most trouble with. Dad is stepping up alot more but nothing seems to help.

    Thank you again!


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