Any other pisces feeling contemplative and like everything is stood ?/

  • I'm a pisces... throughout my lifetime I have always been lost in my career and in love. I'm currently pursuing a career in healthcare but there just have been set backs .. it's unbelievable. I have helped so many people voluntarily and most of the time does not feel appreciated. I'm in my late 20s and have never dated (i just lack the interest in searching for love and hopes love finds me instead). Almost a year ago a long lost friend found me and told me he's interested in me. We talked on the phone twice and each time he invited to his place. As I was never comfortable around men esp. when they are intoxicated, I told him I had other plans. Now he acts like we're complete strangers.

  • VF thanks for the insight. I figured with my taurus being 39 I would have passed through all the games. Or at least what seems like games. Friday he actually called me and talked to me as if nothing had ever happened. It was very twilight zone-ish. But now I haven't heard from him in 4 days and I am wondering where my taurus is? Will I hear from him again? For the past two weeks he has been pretty consistant in contacting me. I guess this is what all the people were talking about when they said that Taurus are slow to move. I have kept my distance from him, not calling him, texting him or even anything on facebook. Hopefully my taurus will come back to me. I really do miss him.

  • Pisces 604 i feel like I have just written what you wrote

    practically same situation, I am wanting to get into the healthcare field and a old friend from school found me too i ignored him for a while dated other people but eventually i decided to date him and yes we ended up at his but now we are getting serious which i never thought would have happened out little bit of fun might be turning into something more long term so maybe you should give it a go, life is too shot to ever wonder what if?

    I am in love with this guy and never would have believed it if I had known this years ago, and life is for living you never know if you dont give it a try, i learned to stop punishing myself and do things and not regret them just learn from them and be glad of the wisdom that came with the experience.

    thanks for comments everyone its nice to relate to others

  • I read in one interesting astrology book that the author found most Pisceans have to force themselves to go out of the house after the age of 25. She just found this to be very common.

    That was about the age I started staying home alot more and I do have to force myself to go out and join baseball leagues on my time off (work is not a problem). Interesting.

    I've also found other Pisceans to be just a m-o-o-d-y as me, which can be annoying. just kidding.

  • wow, I am Pisces and not one to go out much............never really been a party person but find that if I do force myself to go out, then I usually enjoy it. I use to be moody when younger but have gone the opposite way and find humour in any or most situations. I am still and always have been one to enjoy my own company though but am usually the talkative one when in a group so I am definitely not shy or lack confidence. I have always put my lack of social ethics down the the fact that I have always worked hard so enjoy down time when I can but then again, I have always preferred one on one cosy evenings in rather than going out in a crowd, guess this is all down to my star sign but pleased to have it confirmed so thankyou for that info x

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