Any other pisces feeling contemplative and like everything is stood ?/

  • Hi i was wondering if any other Pisces people feel this way??

    Or sag I have sag rising and cap moon... any one feeling this way?? I feel very lost at the moment, lost in my relationships and job and wondering if I am alone in feeling this way right now??

  • Kezza333

    I have talked to my friends and the news is not always good these days. People having their hours cut in half, or being downsized with salary cuts. Having to move and letting houses go is all a result in my opinion of how we are as a world in transformation. I would say that greed has brought on a lot of what we are are now facing and going through. I went into a Wal-mart store last year and the thought came to me> How are we as a nation going to be able to withstand the raising prices everywhere for everything? Will I now know the answer as we all are now being brought into a more balanced state the hard way. I know I'm really gratefull more often now than before for what I have and even don't have at this time. I make it a point to thank God much more often than I use to for even the sunshine that makes a beautiful day.

    Being lost can be good, so that when you do feel like you are on track once again , then you will really have made it through the fog into the light of being able to know how to stay there.

  • I loved your reply Shuabby. You have great insight.

  • i loved it too.

    i think september shall bring a more settled way of life for the piscean

  • Pisces here... it's in our nature to brood. Especially with the way the country is now- terrible job market, it seems like the human race is DEvolving rather than evolving. It's like I can see what's wrong with everything and so many people are oblivious. Makes you wanna go off the grid and move the the North Pole. I really do think about it sometimes!

  • nice to know i am not alone.

    and september has arrived feeling alot more settled!! must have been the planets!

  • my name is jennifer and i am a pisces and i feel lost these days, and like im on an emotional rollacoaster... i desperately need a reading on the situation so i can get direction... it as always has to do with love in my life... is he right or wrong for me...

  • I am a pisces too and I have been dating a Taurus that has been driving me crazy. So I am not sure if my emotions are all over because of him or me. But he is all over the board. Dating for 3 months, now he wants to be friends and NOT vanish from his life. He has been texting me even two days after the semi break-up email. Which I am still not happy about. What are we in the 5th grade.?

    Not sure how to handle this taurus?

  • Darlin's not a Pisces--a Cancer-Leo --but of COURSE you're feeling like a standstill--MERCURY's in the last few days of this retrograde!

    Merc will go DIRECT on the 12th..which ought to open up the flow..and come out of his shadow on the 22nd...which will help things rebalance.

    Of course..that doesn't mean you do nothing but means you use the last days of the retro to clean house, clean clutter, finish up unfinished business....and get ready to INITIATE what you WANT to happen in your life next--once merc is in Direct movement again!


  • Thanks Rising Phoenix. That helps me alot. I feel like am on a rollercoaster of mixed emotions. My taurus is so career driven. Keeping me at arms length. I will just sit tight and hopefully things will come right.

  • August was not a nice month to me!

    The past few days got me re-evaluating somethings in my life.

    Change is good, even small changes...make the effort.

    It helps to have great people on this site to cheer you on.

    The good thing about Pisces.......We don't swim to the bottom for too long!


  • you too piscesstar, oh jeez i have been reevaluation this past month my whole life really, making changes where i see need changing... and im still a little depressed... and just unsettled... i have to say actually today felt a little grounded for me... dont know why or what changed it... maybe it is because jupiter is going to be in our birthchart starting tomorrow... actually maybe we are feeling the precomings of the planet... like they say with a full moon, you feel the effects, i am at loss for words too as you can tell... i just pray im not not making a jerk out of myself and making some kind of sense... if not ill try and re explain later when jupiter finally is present... hope everything settles for you kiddo... my name is jennifer by the way, jaffeebella

  • Hey Jaffebella,

    Hang in there, I know its so hard, we are an emotional sign too. I have more ups than downs.

    I am feeling a little empty inside right now, basically I got rejected by a man (cancerian), but I am working on me, trying to heal through this.

    Hopefully when we go through negetivity , something positive is waiting for us.

    That hormonal thing doesn't help either!!LOL

    Once I had a visitor from the spirit world (I sound crazy now), and his message was

    "JUST BELIEVE", those 2 words have changed me forever!

    Take care of yourself and NEVER give up!


  • no sweety i dont think you are crazy... i had an experience also in my life... a few at that and they are so long of a story ill just hold back on the story... but when i meditate i find out alot of the answers i need... i just cant force a meditation if that makes sense... if i go into one then it happens unexpectedly... but i know the feeling of rejection jeez, it seems all my life i always got rejected when it came to love... and i finally found the love of my life and he abused me to the gill... every way of abuse you can think of happened... so bad the state attorneys are behind me now... thats how bad it was... broke my heart to pieces... well anyways, it was nice to speak to you, and i wish you a lot of luck... keep in touch... jaffeebella

  • Hey again Jaffeebella.

    We fish are waaaaaaayyyyyy tooooooo soooooooffttt!!

    We should be shellfish, sorry I mean selfish when it comes to us!!LOL

    Love is the hardest lesson I think we can learn in this lifetime!

    I am in no rush again to find love as much as it would be nice,

    DISCERNING is key for me.

    Yes, I agree, you can't force meditation!

    The best advice is trusting your gut, being Pisces, we already know this, its

    when we don't like the answers and try to fight it and that causes alot of heart ache for us.

    There will be light at the end of tunnel for you, Please believe that, but you have to WANT to

    get there.

    Good Luck to you, its great we have sites like this to help each other.


  • you just said a mouthful kiddo... you know me than i know myself and that is forsure... i think i lost myself out at sea and im trying to find myself again... im really so confused to what i want at this point and time... but i am attached to a man, and i dont want to lose him... but then there really isnt nothing there right at this time to lose... its been an up and down type of relationship, or whatever you want to call it... but i do need healing which ive been going to church for a healing mass every week... its very helpful and been a positive influence on me, i feel it is helping me a great deal... i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers also... and i do hope to keep in touch with you... you seem so nice and sweet... by the way my bday is 2/27/73... when is yours... jaffeebella

  • yes - I have been feeling that way - actually most of the year - back through end of last November I think. That's about when I started getting rid of stuff. I make regular trips to give stuff away. I have garage sales. Quite a bit of the nicer stuff that I did not think I needed anymore or didn't use is gone, but there is still more.

    I was looking at my garage sale piles this weekend and the one thing that struck me was the huge pile of stuffed animals and fairly useless stuff that was out there that my kids recieved as presents from well meaning relatives and never used (about 10 years worth) Many of these are in brand new condition and will be going to children's shelters and to kids who really need them. Meanwhile. my own finances are in such a state that I am sorely wishing that those relatives had taken the $10.00 and put it into the kid's bank account. I remarked to one visitor that we did not need all these retail stores. We just needed to have neighborhood garage sales every so often and we could all trade the stuff we had for other people's stuff and we would have little need to ever buy anything new. We, as a society, grew into rather dysfunctional spending patterns and that affected everyone. As we made more money, we were lured into spending more money. We kept hearing about how we were not saving enough, yet we were urged to spend more to increase the amount of money collected in taxes. etc. As much as I like my library of books and many of my things, most of it is not necessary and is taking up space in my life and it has to go. I think this is part of the change coming up. Many other people are doing this as well and what will ultimately happen - hopefully - is a redistribution of "stuff" so that those who have less or who have nothing, will eventually have something and those of us who had too much, will have learned our lesson. I didn't get rid of much this weekend, but its the third garage sale I have had in a year and combined with weekly trips to donate stuff, I now have many empty rubber totes cluttering my garage. But I will keep those for moving. 🙂 when the time comes.

  • Hi Woodenmeow,

    LOL! I am a Pisces also dated, a Taurus and married him! He was driving me nuts! We dated 7 years. I live in one state and he in another, I guess that's why it worked prior to us getting married. Once we married, it was sooooo stressful. He too is all over the map. High energy, stay up days at at a time. Goes in and out of depression. I suggested he get counseling but he feels nothing is wrong with him. I love him dearly but I cannot live under the same roof with him for too long. He to would say it's over and we would have a huge blow-out and the next day, he would be soooo sorry. It felt like high school drama all the time. He is 49 but emotionally unstable. He has some wonderful qualities but the cons outweigh the pros. I believe we will always be in each other's lives but I don't want to be his wife any more. The thing is, we Pisces need time to ourselves to think, and regenerate. I could never get that when I was with him. Wish you the best.


  • jeez i dated a taurus man, that was very very possessive, jeolous, and drove me nuts too... what is it with taurus people... i would go take a shower and come back to room to get dressed and find him looking through my purse... for what i havnt a clue... id tell him you find something you do not like i dont want to hear it, you shouldnt be looking into it... i think that is why we didnt work out, i was more powerful then he... i put him in his place numerous times... but i can say one thing, id never date a taurus man again... to nutty for me, jaffeebella

  • hey all due respect here but im a taurus woman, and i am with a pisces man and let me tell you he drives me nuts all that you say taurus can do to a pisces is what happens in my relationship, just defending my sign, taurus is bull headed and let me say that my man definitely taught me lessons to be very patient but him on the other hand im not quite as sure he ever thinks he has issues and dont ever bring it up to a pisces man because they are such sensitive peeps he cant look much at himself but ironically if you read up on these 2 signs they are very similar except pisces is more of the laid back version and taurus is the impatient version

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