Anyone can do me a reading?

  • need to know what the outcome of my relationship will be? is this going to work out or not?

  • ps- will reciprocate the reading!

  • You can try asking someone in particular in one of their threads. You will get more of a response that way. Hope this helps.

  • you need to tell us more of your situation,ms tonix3.a report if you would. thefool

  • HI tonix3,

    There are two things you need to know about tarot reading.

    First, as pawpawtinker said, you need to tell us more of your situation,this is very important,we cannot do a reading just by looking at the cards. We need to communicate with each other, so that I can give you a better reading.

    Second, I do not suggest you to ask questions like an outcome. The future may change and there is a possibility that you too just stay with each other for life long,which is too hard for a tarot reading to predict. And also, the future lays in your hands, not in some cards or fortune, your question does not give me any feeling of personal will or personal choice. I always believe that only predicting the future is of no use, we should seek the reason why it will be this way and how can we change it now. So maybe you should ask , "what is the problem that we face or may face, and what can I do to make our relationship better".

    Hope this helps.


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