Missing red crystal bracelet

  • Hi all,

    I have been looking all over my house for a bracelet I last wore sometime in December (I think).

    It is several rows of bright red faceted crystal beads with a clasp that has the red crystals and some clear iridescent crystals. It was very expensive, a Schiaparelli piece. I am visualizing it as I type this, hope that helps.

    I tried doing a tarot card reading to find it, but the cards I pulled (forget which now) didn't mean anything to me.

    Can anyone give me any better hints on where to look? Is it still IN my house? I just don't remember where I last had it!

    mto in AZ

  • Hi, Catholics pray to St. Anthony patron of lost or missing items. Please invoke his assistance. It works. One time I lost my car keys. 3 months later they were inside by PO Box. I prayed to St. Anthony. The list is long--I'm forgetful.

  • Hmm...not sure who to 'pray' to as I am a culturally Jewish secular Humanist with some New Age leanings!! LOL.

    I do believe in what I call 'the collective spirit of humanity'. I'm open on the existance of angels, so I asked mine, but as usual, I couldn't hear if they answered me.

    I've just plain asked out loud, but couldn't hear anything...but I always have trouble stilling myself enough to hear.

  • Well, I asked for you. Maybe ask those around you to help.

  • do you have a cupboard of some kind? Cause i see something that has many square slots in it to put things in..?

  • Thank you Dalia! I think in the end, it's the ACT of prayer/intention, not WHO or WHAT you direct the prayer to.

    And JadeEden...I DO have many sets of shallow drawers for small items like jewelry, crystals, craft supplies...I did look in as many as I could, but I will try again!

    I will also look in my kitchen cupboard, which has lots of little 12" square shelves with glass doors for display, although I don't know why/how I would put the bracelet in that.


  • Look in your bathroom (floor & cabinets). That's where I lay my stuff sometimes.

  • Also, be aware of those around you--just a thought.

  • I find i loose my crystals when i dont need them but this piece is obviously a great value to yourself and my advice is to ask the angels, it works with me but try under the bed at the corner. If you find it try wrapping them up in cloth till you feel the need to wear it. Hope you find it soon and it will turn up when its needed.

    shelly xxxx

  • I see that the last time you wore the bracelet you set it down on a bureau or some kind of night stand. It some how fell behind it! Now, I see one of two things: First, it either fell so far back you will have to lift and move the bureau. Or Second, were this night stand is there is an air condition duct of some sort? I believe it may have slipped in their. I am not sure which, but I am pretty sure you will find it in one of these places.

  • i think it is attached to what you wore in december or when ever. I think it go tangled up so look at what you wore and it maybe near there or in or on it. hope its of some help. hope it`s in your house.

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