Met this guy...

  • I met this guy and he is so unlike what I am usually attracted to but I am attracted to him none the less. We met through our families they have known each other for over 40 years since before he or I were born. Everything is so easy with him. Conversation just flows he makes me laugh and I like him alot. We both have the same birthday April 12 which I though is just the oddest thing. Are two aries a good match?

  • Hi"JungleBunny" yes they are, just live the moment and try to not worry too much, thing just started learn to enjoy and not question things too much, what are you worry about, everything sound good so far

    to my point of view no one can predict the future so just try to do your best and see

  • Aries - Aries are a great match up! My BFF is just five days younger than me (and also an Aries) and we get along so famously it should be a crime! She is definitely my soul mate friend.

  • thanks for the response everyone. I have never dated another aries. I have dated aquarius , leo, and saggitarius and we have all clicked I have never dated another aries especially one with the same birthday. The Chemistry so far has been out of this world but I will see what happens.

  • well, "Junglebunny" just enjoy your life, there is no guarantee in life then trying your best and live the present moment, dont do too much thinking, it can spoiled things sometimes,

    you have something special, make it special and whatever happen, will happen, start sign are cool but not everything in life is clear so just look at the person you have in front of you, try to put in draw the things that are not that important and live your life

    tomorrow maybe your last, so be grateful for the happiness you have today

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