• Hi there, Im a 28 yr old Aquarius woman that has just come out of a 4 yr relationship 3 months ago i have a beautiful 9 month old son.... Just a week after leaving my abusive Ex i met the most wonderful man and fell head over heals for him... He is a Cancer... This guy is only 23 but was very keen.. the first thing i informed him of was my litle boy and he assured me it was not a problem. We started to see eachother but he kept me at arms length because he has been really hurt in the past. We started to get close and whenever i tried to be affectionate and open with my feelings for with him he would run a mile and cool off then come back.... I one day said something he didnt like about another guy liking me but me not being interrested because i wanted him, and he told me he didnt think it was a good idea we saw eachother anymore... I knew he was just scared so iv chased him and chased him and finally got him to agree to be friends with the potential of something else in time when he can learn to trust me....

    Im not blowing my own trumpet but i have been a very successful world renowned model, however i do not see myself as being any better than anyone and i really love this guy regardless of his age or what he has got... I went out saturday to a club he was in, he knew i was going... Only to be told he had gone down with an 18 yr old girl. Later my guy friend came to pick me up and the cancer man went absolutely crazy... Telling us both to leave the club or else?? Then calling me all the way home.... I was shocked. When i confronted him he scirted around the fact he had taken another girl down and did not want to admit it to me.... I know he still has very strong feelings for me so what on earth is going on???

    I just dont understand, if he doesnt care why did he carry off like that?? Is he confused or is he scared?? What can i do to get him back?? Iv chased him like a mental person.... I feel this other girl means very little and maybe a safe bet being only 18?? Do i just leave it and will he come back to me?? .... How do i work it with him?? Please help people.... Thank you xxx

  • #1 Fact of Life,everything Changes.Watch him Change,and give it a while okay.#2 Watch and see if he is willing to Chase after "YOU" Ancient Chinease Say NO HURRY NO WORRY!

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