PLEASE HELP-Can somebody please do a reading for me??

  • PLEASE PLEASE can someone do a reading for me....I am 30 year old female born 6/1/80. I am reaching a turning point in my astrological zodiac chart and am working on a few vvery important areas in my life to move into a better place in all aspects...the thing is i believe a woman who dabbles in black magic has put a spell upon me after her son and law and i had a baby recently..(he has since gone back to her due to blackmail). I desp need to know how to rid of her evil influence and get some insite to all that surrounds this so i can free myself and protect my 3 children and myself from it suffocating us and casting more of its negativity in my mind and creating self doubt. I am emotionally and spiritually drained and am desp for some insight. Please please help

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