• I can't seem to get a reading based on what I'm looking for. My husband is 53, drinks a lot of beer and vodka, sleeps a lot and is taking a lot of medications. He has high BP, cholestorol, rhuematiod, he's obese, and he does nothing to modify his eating habits and does nothing to try to get more exercise. I am worried about his longevity and what would happen to us left behind on one income. We have tried to get life insurance for him but he was turned down. I have been looking for a reading to see if I have enough time to pay down bills or see how much time I have left with him. I'm beginning to think I can't find a reading about him or his future, only my own but I can't find the right reading to get the answers I'm looking for...

  • Not a psychic well at least not an active one, but I guess the answers you will get from others will maybe not always be the ones you want to hear regardless of whether you do it yourself or get someoe else to do it. I hope he does not abuse you, sounds to me like you are doing everything on your own anyway.

    Hope someoe can give you a reading.

  • He does NOT abuse me... He knows better than that... but he abuses himself and doesn't care about the long term consequences. I'm pretty much certain we won't have a LONG time to spend together, but the reason I have to know so I can start financially planning. He wants to buy a new camper and a new truck but I'm fearful of the bills and prefer to pay off the ones we have. If he has another 10 years, we could get a new truck paid off... Otherwise, I don't want to be stuck with a loan I can't afford to pay. We need new windows and the carpets have been pulled since spring, now I need to replace wth something to cover the raw boards... but what can I afford? I realize our time is limited, I just need have a better idea of HOW limited and how I can plan for the future for myself and my kids without him around. I don't mean to sound cruel, cuz I love my husband, but we will become homeless without his income. Hopefully the children will be on thier own before that happens

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  • Dear Dawnbp.

    I feel that your husband has given up on himself and it shows. He needs a good doctor, nutristionist and a reason to renew himself and his life. I do not perdict death as I'm not God. I can as a psychic read energy around people and give guidence only in which you make the final deceisions for your life. I feel your deep frustration in regards to your husband health and behavior. You can get a grant and go back to school to do something that you wanted to do a long time ago. When your husband see's that you are changing your attitude and course in life , he than will want to do the same. This change will bring you both to a better place on most all levels and set a good example for your children to know that even in adversity , good can preveil.

  • Could some-one please give me a reading? Been married a long time to a wonderful man. He left me out of the blue. the last 2yrs we've spent apart. We've dated, done things as a family, ect. He filed for a divorce, then stopped it. I know this man is my soul mate, Now he has pulled away saying he loves me but not enough to stay married to me. This has turned my daughters against each other, them against me and so on. I'v been told its a midlife thing hes going through. Now I'v heard about this very much younger women, who he says they are just friends. He likes to help and feel needed. His big heart and actions get him in trouble. Question 1- Is there more than friendship going on between them? 2- Is it more him then her or her then him? The good news I know she has moved out of state and wont be moving back. 3- Is it really over for us or will we get back together for good? As you can see this has been very painful for all of us. I'v tried to move on, I'v prayed, let him go, and NOTHING is working. He tells are daughters he's happy. Anything you can see would be very helpful. Please help me. cathi56

  • Hopefully, somethign like that would work. I have started going out with my friends more (he refuses to go anywhere) and he tells me to GO, have fun, I want you too.... I like the college idea. I have 2 associates degree's and would probably do me well to get a bachelors degree. Now that my kids are older (12 and 13) I could probably do school one night per week. I will have to look into that... I believe my company will still reimburse for tuition.

  • Cathi56, I would start a new thread if I were you. This is Dawn's one.

  • Well, I mentioned I wanted to get my Bacheolors Degree (already have my A/S) and he was very supportive.... ghe said I should DO IT if that's what I want to do... I really think I"m going to look into it~ Still, he has NOT refilled his prescriptions (often waits about a week) and he's drinking~ I sure hope he starts to take care of himself....

  • Dawn's one. Im new to all this. Why do I need to start a new thread? And how do I do this? Thanks for your help, cathi56

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  • OK, get this~ I start this thread looking for where to find a place to get a reading suited to my needs. Less than a week later, I'm at work and my husband calls telling me he's having a stroke. He ended up at ICU in the city for an open bleed in the thalamus of his brain. This was Sat morning... He was in ICU for 24 hours and finally moved to regular room. THis was a SCARE, because even though it's a stroke, it's not the damaging kind. He went numb on the right side, slurred speech, pins and needles, with a BP of 188/111~ He still has functionality, good speech, good memory, etc... just a matter of the pooled blood to absorb and go away. MAYBE, just MAYBE this will be enough to get him on the right track. Oh ya, he had a stroke in 2004 (same kind but less severe) and that obviously didn't help much.... Maybe this time will be different~

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  • There goes my plans of getting my B/S degree though. No way I could afford that now. Down to one paycheck with multiple medical bills and he's not even home yet~

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  • Dawnhb,

    Please try to help your husband by talking to the family and trying to set up an intervention like re-hab, since you said he does not go out it makes me feel he is to deep into the addictions and needs intervention now and care.

  • I just read your post about your husband having a stroke. I'm so sorry for him and for you as you seem so bitter now , are there family members that can help with your husband? Have you spoke to his doctor about his addictions? Keep your chin up maybe you are working on your own perfection through him. I will pray for him that this time he will see the light so to speak and if not on his own that I will pray for his angels to bring people in to help him heal and become hold.

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