If anyone can read for me I'd greatly appreciate it =)

  • Hello all! My name is Deanna, and I'm new here. I'm 21 years old, going through quite a turning phase in my life. Currently I'm juggling moving, college, and basically trying to keep some sanity around my friends. Just recently I've come to the realization that it's time for me to burn some bridges so to speak. Seeing as I'm trying to be successful in my life and try to look at life in a positive manner.

    I guess my questions would be will this move be a good one? Will it bring new opportunities? New friends? New relationships? I'm hoping to meet other like minded people because I feel that the people around me now are negative influences and I don't need that in my new positive outlook on life.

    DOB: 12/11/1988

    If any of you help me, thank you in advance!

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  • No need to be psychic to answer your questions!

    Yes. Moving will always bring new Friends, Relationships and opportunities.

    Your concern is that the move may not turn out to be the best thing for you. I'm telling you now that since you are needing to move it is the universes way of telling you that you are needed elsewhere. (or needing to not be where you are right now) You will generaly get what you focus on. This move is for a positive new start and you need to focus on the things you want from your future. If you dwell on the negative things that are famillar to you, you will only gravitate towards the same situations and types of people.

    Never "burn" your bridges. Move on from them, leave them behind and distance yourself from the people you feel are not right for you... people do change, situations change and you never know when that bridge may come in handy. Do not attempt to keep crossing the bridges to make sure in can still be crossed though. If you leave positivly, you will be in a positive position to start a positive new lifestyle..... If you make a negative break: you will be filled with negative thoughts and emotions when trying set up your new life and as a result will attract the very negitivity you are trying to escape.

    Yes. The move will be good for you. probably the best thing you will ever do!

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